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The One With T-Mobile Welcome Back TVC

Because I am feeling sick-ish, it’s kinda late (9 p.m., to be exact) and I could really do with a ten-hour slumber, allow me to take a break from writing long blog post and share something which had uplifted me endlessly in the past week.

The TVC speaks for itself. Doesn’t it just lift up your spirit and make you grin like a fool, perhaps with a tear in your eye?

Life is for sharing… indeed. To a better world, one great ad campaign at a time, T-Mobile. When I get to London Jan next year, I’ll get your prepaid card for sure.

The One With James Barnes 3rd Symphony – For Natalie

Beautiful piece by James Barnes. The starting was a little clumsy, but the climax was resoundingly beautiful. Very strong brass line, and wonderful harpist.

Pity the incessant coughing in the background though.

By Philips Harmonie… yes, that Dutch company, Philips.

The One With John Burroughs High School’s Show Choir – Powerhouse

I first came across this video of John Burroughs High School’s show choir performing on Oprah a few days ago. Since then I have been rewatching this spectacular performance – all two minutes of it – every day without fail.

Especially when my energy is dipping. There’s something about a choreographed group performance like this which gets my blood pumping.

The choreography, the voice talent, the costume… all spoke how the high quality show choirs in the States. In fact, Powerhouse was the inspiration behind the highly successful TV series, Glee.

Watch this; you’ll know what I mean.

I was so impressed by the choir that I wrote in to ask if they have their videos compiled in DVD form. They responded that most of their best performances are on YouTube, but if I would like to get a momento, you can get it through their website.

I am going to order one; are you? If you are, buzz me here so that we can order together and save some shipping cost.

Now let me get all Vogue-ed up again!

The One With Lady Gaga & Beyoncé

I am not one who always share MTV, much less one peppered with ads (no matter how subtle), but this one really takes the cake. Totally awesome. They OWN the screen. Totally.

Share the love, fanboys.

The Secrets of Viral Videos: Take a Leaf Out of Bobby (Lady) Gaga’s Book

I was speechless, and then roared with laughed, finally applauded (alone) in front of my laptop. At this very moment, I think Bobby (Lady) Gaga is a pure marketing genius.

The idea behind this awesome video fulfill these simple viral marketing rules:
– It’s original (a Chinese New Year song sang to Poker Face!)
– It’s catchy (Lady Gaga! Poker Face!)
– It’s simple (simple background, no elaborate costume)
– It’s hilarious (I think the video is self explanatory)
– It’s worth spreading (how many of you shared this on your Facebook/Twitter after watching the video?)

Too often we tried too hard to make our idea viral. That one stroke of inspiration and lots of hard work (that’s some cool bit of video editing there) are all it takes.

I am looking forward to see the Gagas both on stage!

(Update: Here’s a translation of the Chinese lyrics. OMG, Bobby Gaga is a Malaysian!)

(via the ever fabulous Nathaniel Ho)

Pearls of Wisdom

Over the weekend, two different friends gave me some advice over what essentially is the same thing.

Friend #1 told me, in the nicest way possible, that if I am to remain a part of what I am a part of now, I need to work harder to “fit into the crowd”. Otherwise, I am only setting myself to disappointment and disillusionment.

Friend #2 told me that I have many great things going on in my life, but there is one thing that I am lacking in … and if I am able to change that about myself, life would be near perfect.

Two pieces of perfectly sound advice over the same thing. And yet… I hesitate. Not that I won’t do it – it is not a question of if but when – but I do ponder if I am merely succumbing myself to the rule of the norm?

I know I am no exception, of course.

On another note, I found this very old song by 阿牛… a truly meaningful song, one which still brought tears to my eyes whenever I listen to it.

Sister Act 2 – Oh Happy Day

In some moments of life you’ll need a lift-me-up. Today is one of those days for me. Here’s one… let happy days be here again.

For you, for me, for everyone.