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The One With SoHo Street Fair & Wine Walk 2010

Did you know that SoHo in Hong Kong actually stands for South of Hollywood Road?

I didn’t know either, until I was doing some background research on SoHo Street Fair & Wine Walk 2010, on which I had the fortune to stumble across while wondering around my ‘hood last Sunday. You can always count on me to bump into unexpected events and unfamiliar circumstances when left to my own devices.

Mostly good, of course. The bad ones were often unbloggable ;)

Soho Street Fair & Wine Walk 2010

It was a bustling Sunday afternoon. I was actually out to buy a book and perhaps grab some lunch when the festive props caught my attention. The weekend crowd, the wine booths, the handicraft stalls, the performing jugglers, the serenading trio… I need little encouragement to dive headlong into the festivity.

I’ll let the photos do the talking.

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