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The One With The Valentine’s Day… Again

Adoro questa poesia...

It is time of the year again. I’ll refrain from making the usual references on how commercialised the day is, how sickeningly sweet everywhere will be, and how distressed boyfriends would get…

… but oh, I did just that.

But more to the point, I realised that love is something best not left to fate. Especially so if you don’t want to be left on the shelf. Those who claimed others who are practical in love are not in love have obviously never been single for too long.

That is like some sort of weird tongue twister.

So this year, singletons like me should go out and be lovely, lovable, loved. As much as love can be a chemical reaction in your brain, it also make your world goes around.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

The Price of Valentine’s Happiness

Home-cooked fresh garden salad and creamy clam pasta – S$48.95

A bottle of Chardonnay of forgotten origin – S$24.50

The look of happiness on your face & the glimpse of contentment in your eyes – Priceless.

No matter what happens down the road, babe, you will never lose me. That’s a promise I made to you, and I intend to keep it. Thank you for the best Valentine’s Day dinner, ever, even if it’s a day late.

Between you and I, numbers and dates no longer matter. To me, you do.