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Farewell with the Terence-s

I have known many Terence-s in my life, but two of them stand out from the rest.

Convo@Outdoors 037

I am speaking, of course, of Terence Leong (TL) and Terence Cheah (TC). Our friendships started “accidentally” actually. We didn’t get to know each other until the final year in our studies at NTU, and even then we weren’t as close as we became after graduation. Partly because we clicked well, and also I wanted to maintain strong links with a select group of friends after I have stepped out of the comfort zone of the Boon Lay campus.

TL and TC were one of the few who were with me through thick and thin.

Gathering @ Brewerkz

Since graduation day, the few of us maintain close touch with each other. TL, TC, Tony, Liping, Zhiren and I were the usual gang, with the occassional Jinguang joining us. Later on when love blossomed (hehe), Dora and Yali joined the gang as well. As a clique, we have seen each other through many ups and downs in life, be it in relationships or career. Just thinking back on how much we have known each other the past over six years gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.


The highlight, of course, was when TL got married to the ever lovely Dora. I was honored to be one of his “brothers” for the wedding. Seeing my buddy going through the most important day of his life upfront was a blessing beyond description. It is different when a good friend of yours is getting wedded and you are part of the occasion, compared to when you are just a dinner guest at a wedding of someone you hardly know.

Night Out with the Terence-s

Considering how tough their schedules were, it was almost a miracle how we managed to meet up on Monday night for a farewell dinner. TL was literally flying in and out of country all the time, since he is (drum roll please) a pilot with Singapore Airlines. TC was also flying all over the place, often bestowing with tales of foreign places as a regional sales guy for a HR consultancy firm.

Night Out with the Terence-s

So we met up for some drinks, and chatted and of course talked about my imminent departure. It saddens me that it will be even more difficult for me to catch up with them when I am no longer in Singapore. But deep inside I know these friends will be one of the handful whose friendships will remain steadfast regardless of time and distance.

Thank you, my friends, for being part of life for the past years. This is not the end; it’s the beginning of something new. For you, and me.

The Wedding of Terence Leong & Dora Ong

Terence & Dora's Wedding

I was honoured to be a part of one of the most beautiful weddings ever, last Saturday.

Terence has been my buddy since university days. I remember how we “got together” over endless meals, movies and studies, well into our graduation days and when we started working. Over the years, he has been a part of the small uni-mates gang which I am constantly in touch with.

I also witnessed how he got to know the then-bride-to-be, Dora, back in NTU. How he got to know her, how they met, how they overcome obstacles in becoming an item, and how they finally tie the knot, almost seven years later.

Terence is now a full-fledged pilot with Singapore Airlines, and Dora is a stewardess. They got to be the most awesome couple I have even seen being together.

When Terence asked me to be one of his “brothers” during the wedding (it’s a Chinese tradition thing), I was flattered. But I didn’t really know the other “brothers”, so I asked Terence if it was awkward for him, and that it will be alright if he thinks it’s better for me to pull out.

“Don’t be silly,” he said in a reply SMS. “I want all my best friends to be part of the wedding, and I want you to be there.”

Well, what could I say? I was so moved by his honesty, and I said yes, of course I will be there.

And what a ceremony it turned out to be. It started right at dawn (at six in the morning, to be exact!), and continued on till way past midnight in the couple’s suite at Marina Mandarin. The solemnisation ceremony was especially beautiful. I was standing at the back with Tony and Yali, and to my embarrassment I welled up. In happiness. For my buddy to have found a beautiful wife like Dora, to take on the next phase in his life with her so bravely, and to see that they are really, really destined for each other.

Terence & I

To the both of you, Terence and Dora, I wish you well and a lifetime of happiness as you journey into the exciting realm of marriage. And I am honoured to have known you, and look forward to an everlasting friendship between us.

Click here for the entire set of “unofficial photos” of the wedding taken by yours truly.