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The One With John Burroughs Show Choir In Hong Kong

I first discovered the John Burroughs Show Choir, Powerhouse through YouTube, where they spectacularly performed Vogue onstage. Have a look at the video and you’ll know why I love this group.

And so, imagine my disappointment when I discovered they came to Hong Kong to do some shows while I was away on my Europe trip! While the audience in Hong Kong was captivated their performances, I was high up in the sky crossing continents returning from London.

But not all is lost. Thanks to YouTube I can now catch their performance online.

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The One With John Burroughs High School’s Show Choir – Powerhouse

I first came across this video of John Burroughs High School’s show choir performing on Oprah a few days ago. Since then I have been rewatching this spectacular performance – all two minutes of it – every day without fail.

Especially when my energy is dipping. There’s something about a choreographed group performance like this which gets my blood pumping.

The choreography, the voice talent, the costume… all spoke how the high quality show choirs in the States. In fact, Powerhouse was the inspiration behind the highly successful TV series, Glee.

Watch this; you’ll know what I mean.

I was so impressed by the choir that I wrote in to ask if they have their videos compiled in DVD form. They responded that most of their best performances are on YouTube, but if I would like to get a momento, you can get it through their website.

I am going to order one; are you? If you are, buzz me here so that we can order together and save some shipping cost.

Now let me get all Vogue-ed up again!