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The One With Birdman – 9 Academy Awards Nominations & Oscar Contender

Once in a long while, a film comes along that completely blows me away, and I am reminded why I love cinema. Birdman was one of those moments, when what’s on screen echoed life in a way that transcended definition.

Yes, the uninterrupted one-shot scenes that lasted more than 10 minutes each were impressive from a technical and logistical standpoint (in fact, the whole film was made to look as if it was done in a single shot – brilliant work by cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki!), but for me, it was the performances that took my breath away.

Birdman Movie

What a cast! Edward Norton as the egotistical star threatening to steal the show; Naomi Watts as the nervous actress making her Broadway debut; Emma Stone as a fresh-out-of-rehab daughter struggling to find her footing (Keep an eye out for her incredible monologue. You have a new fan Emma!);

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The One With The Award In My Name

How in the world that I did not know about a film award given in my name?

The Golden Raspberry Awards, frequently called the Razzies, is an annual award ceremony held in Los Angeles to recognize the worst in film. I wouldn’t have come across this if not for the ever lovable Justin Jap. I was more interested in the hilarious acceptance speech made by Sandra Bullock as she accepted the Razzies for the “worst actress” in person before I realise, hey, they are giving me away.

And so, I was held in the hand of my favorite actress. The one in Miss Congeniality and The Proposal? Com’on, you couldn’t be more entertainment-idiot than me!

Now did someone say the Oscars are on? I am totally clueless.