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The One With My Music On iTunes

The One With My Music On iTunes

I always thought that, when someone shows what they are listening to on their MSN status message, they are sharing with their friends their taste in music. I admire that… not that I would really be able to tell, music-wise, but their courage to share is admirable.

You see, I always hesitate to do the same. The songs on my iTunes are a perplexing mix of the new and the old, the fast and the slow… across all sorts of genre. Especially so if my iTunes is on a shuffle mode.

Don’t believe me? I turned on the shuffle mode, and these are the first five random songs played:
1) Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, from Evita (Madonna)
2) Because You Loved Me, from A Decade of Songs (Celine Dion)
3) The Steward of Gondor, from Lord of the Rings (Howard Shore)
4) Dance 17 – Lazy Sunday Afternoon (Dennis Lim)
5) L-O-V-E, from At The Movies (Nat King Cole)

Really, I don’t want people think of me as weird. So I rather keep my erratic taste in music to myself.

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