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The One With The Music of Danny Katz

A quiet afternoon. Rolling waves and swaying trees. Holiday hut by the sea. Rustic front porch, wooden swing.

Shared laughter and murmured conversation. Folded knees beneath you, a glass of chilled Pinot in your hand. Sands in between your toes, the smell of the salty sea in your hair. Music in the air… just there but you almost barely notice.

Suddenly you look up when a somewhat-familiar tune came on, a favorite line belted from the speakers. You smiled, hummed along, and get back to the pleasantness that was the day.

Sounds familiar? Each of us have that favorite type of music which soothe our nerves and calm the soul. And it was exactly how I felt when I listened, in mild surprise, to the music of Danny Katz.

The Music of Danny Katz

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