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Love Actually…

Here it is again. The day of love and romance. The day of flowers, candlelight dinner and chocolate. The day couples stroll down streets holding hands, cocooned in their own world, lost in their love for each other.

Oh, gimme a break. Of course I know how that felt like.

As I went about doing my errands in town today, I didn’t look at these besotted couple with envy. Nor jealousy. I just wish the whole damn island is less lovey-dovey.

You see, I am single now. Not that I am lamenting about it. Life is good on both sides of the fence. After being labeled as a “serial-dater” last year, with a quasi-relationship thrown in for good measure, I finally realised what I look for in a relationship, and I am in no hurry to find it.

Knowing what you are looking for and not having it yet is a strange feeling. You would think after all the drama and soul searching, your brain will just click and your eyes will automatically clock on the perfect person.

But nah, no such luck for me. I wanted to write about what I learned about romance and relationship, but I guess that view is always, always subjective. Each individual perceives their love life differently. What I hold dear might be rubbish to you…

… ah, sot it. I’ll still bore you with three things I learn about love, anyway:

That you must feel the chemistry. You have something in common, you can click well with each other, and you share the same dream for the future.

That you must become a better person because of your other half. You grow together because of each other. If you became a worse person during the course of your relationship, it’s time to look for a way out.

That you must not search for perfection, only contentment. A perfect life is often nothing more than an illusion. When you look at what you have, be happy, be contented, and be at peace… life is perfect.

If you truly believe that you are a good person, then you deserve someone. All good things will happen in its good course.

May today you remember what love is to you, and how it will inspire you to look into the future with renewed hope and strength. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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