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The One With Yung Kee Restaurant – Nothing More Than A Tourist Spot

Yung Kee Restaurant (鏞記酒家), Central

It was the famous restaurant.

Countless tourists and locals alike sang praises for their famed roast goose and century eggs. Yung Kee Restaurant featured so prominently on my many friends’ to-do lists that it was a wonder how I have never stepped into the place before.

So when my friend and I were brainstorming (over WhatsApps, no less) on a place to go for dinner during his last night in Hong Kong, the choice is obvious. Yung Kee it was.

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Beer Festival @ Lan Kwai Fong

It’s summer in Hong Kong. Like you won’t believe it. Everywhere the weather is sweltering. Airconds are in full blast.

But with the hot weather, comes the annual Lan Kwai Fong Beerfest.

The festival was held from July 11-12th from 1pm-late. Being held for six consecutive years, the Beerfest features food and beer from around the globe, live music and dance shows, drinking and eating competitions and cooking demonstrations.

Beer Fest @ Lan Kwai Fong

Being the beer fanatic that I am (check out my beer belly for proof), of course I went to and indulged at this thrilling festive event! The entire Lan Kwai Fong was transformed into a carnival-like street fair, with multitude of booths spilling the sidewalk hawking their beer. And not mere pints, mind you. You buy them by the yard.

Beer Fest @ Lan Kwai Fong

Thanks to Kevin, Keith and Connie for such a fun night out. I know, I am a bad influence :P

Full set of photos here. I didn’t have my camera with me, so used their phones for this set.