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The One With A Great Wednesday Morning

The One With A Great Wednesday Morning

Three things happened to make my Wednesday morning extraordinarily good.

#1 Instead of the usual lethargy and dread waking up every morning, my head was buzzing with the business idea I cooked up last night, and I am all geared to make that a reality

#2 I overpaid the taxi driver twenty bucks, and he horned after me to return the extra. How gratifying. Usually I am the one who return extra change to sellers

#3 Decided to give Pacific Coffee a try when my favorite Starbucks closed down. Was checking in and telling my friend I took his advice… only to turn around and saw him walking into the same outlet.

All in all, a good day. Life is made of small moments like this.

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The Meaning of Life

Funny how a lunch-time reading got me clicking and pondering of the biggest question in one’s life.

What, exactly, is the meaning of life?

There are many junctures in my life when I am faced with this question. As I age, I realise I always come back to the same answer. The meaning of life is to find ways how to be happier. The search for happiness is an everlasting journey. The grass is always greener at whatever age you are at. Even in deathbed, you might think, oh, people in heaven must have life all sussed out. (After) life would be better, then.

And in the quest to be happier, men strive to define happiness. They buy not one, not two, but multiple cars. Same goes for properties. Every additional zeroes in their bank account equates to more contentment.

How about me? The last car I had was a 19-year-old relic of a Honda (I was 18 then) courtesy of my mum, and ever since I moved to Singapore, it had become old, scrapped metal. I have no house to my name, as I rent my way through my adult life. I detest checking my bank balance because, according to the men I describe in the previous paragraph, I should be a very sad individual indeed.

And yet, I thrive. I thrive in a way that few people will feel secure of. I take risks. I travel the world. I play my weekends. Hard. At work, I trod the paths less traveled. I challenge authorities, I debate traditional wisdoms.

And God knows I love my friends. My life, if nothing else, revolves around them. Making my friends happy make me happy. And that, my friend, is a chicken and egg question. Which comes first? No matter, because you gotta start somewhere. Either make yourself happy and double the joy by spreading it to your friends, or be the best friend a man can be to your friends and make them happier, and open your heart to their extended friendship.

The Meaning of Life

I won’t be such a pompous ass to think that my definition of happiness should be yours too. Each person defines his or her values differently. Just don’t shoot me if you think I am a silly sod who is too idealistic for his own good.

At least I am happy. Are you?

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