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The One With Rocksalt At Stanley

It was a moment of madness.

Imagine this – it was traffic peak hours on Hong Kong Island on a Friday night. The road was packed bumper-to-bumper with weekend traffic, full of rat racers rushing to dinner, spa, movie and what-have-you appointments all over the city. The frantic activities as observed from the upper deck of a double decker bus almost nauseated me.

Yes, that’s where I was, that humid night, on my way into Stanley, where I am to have my seafood dinner at Rocksalt. Oh, the things you would do when you give in to the temptations of Groupons! The trick of doing all these dining deals is to book at least two weeks in advance, even for some place like Stanley.

So was the an hour peak traffic journey into the never never land worth it?

Situated along the main Stanley promenade on the southside of Hong Kong, Rocksalt’s large floor-to-ceiling windows provide magnificent unobstructed views of Stanley Bay and a welcomed escape from the bustle of Stanley Market. As we were shown to our seats, I can’t help but marvel at the sense of calm that came over me despite the hustle and bustle of the growing dinner crowd that evening.

Dinner at Rocksalt Stanley

For this Groupon deal, a set dinner for two, the selection was kinda set so we settled right in with additional drinks (a pint of Erdinger for me, yum).

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The One With Shake ‘Em Buns – Great Burgers, Deplorable Service

When one thinks of burgers, the usual suspects come to mind. Burger King and McDonald’s took the lead of my very short list; even though burgers served at the commonplace char chan teng is usually pretty decent, I was always intrigued by unfamiliar sounding burger joints. Perhaps I was hungry for a truly American experience.

Enter the Groupon experience for a more-than-half-price burger deals at Shake ‘Em Buns, located along Wellington Street at Central.

Shake 'Em Buns

Let me get started with the food, ‘coz that’s easily the best – and only good – thing about this place.

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The One With Cubix, Fleming Hotel (Wan Chai)

One of the many perks about being on a social buying mailing list like Groupon and Twangoo is the endless restaurant deals, often at more than 50% off their normal price. At times I do wonder how these merchants make money, but I guess whatever possible losses they make from group buying ventures are consider customer acquisition cost; their objective is to get first time customers through the door.

Eh, where was I? I digressed. I blame that on job hazards.

And so I bought this super deal from Cubix restaurant from Groupon a few weeks ago, and managed to use the voucher last week.

Cubix is located at The Fleming Hotel, located along Fleming Road at Wan Chai. The hotel is surprisingly not easy to find; it is best you have the full address and Google map with you. The entrance to Cubix is also somewhat confusing. There is no direct entry from the hotel lobby. You need to get out of the hotel, down a side corridor to a wooden door that looked just like a wall.

The restaurant itself is small, and most of the available table has a full view of the kitchen door, which kept opening and closing during my visit. That was surprising because there were only two occupied tables at that time of the night, and a little more than annoying.

But the food, thankfully, more than made up to it.

Caesar Salad (HK$98)

Dinner @ Cubix, The Fleming Hotel

The salad was surprisingly well done. Served with Parma ham, the lettuce was crisp, the dressing just nice, the bread crouton crunchy to the bite. I am not fan of Caesar salad but this is recommended.

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The One With The Art Of Art Jamming

What is art jamming? It was touted as a group activity where you and your friends gather together in an art studio, pick a canvas, and start painting. Amidst the background music, chatter and (often) free flow drinks.

Art jamming is all that, but to me it was more.

Art Jamming @ Central

There is something about diving into painting whatever your heart desire, with no planning and no vision. You just let your imagination flow, your brushes stroke, your paints colour.

Art Jamming @ Central

In the hour or two I spent painting, I found some inner peace. A sense of tranquility of what the mind can do, and sense of pride of what my creativity can produce.

Definitely an activity you could consider doing with your date. I mean, how many time can you go to movies and for dinners with your boyfriends/girlfriends? Here are some places I have been to for some hours of art jamming fun:

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