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The One With Babies And Servers

The One With Babies And Servers

I was talking about babies with my colleague Sophia, and what she wrote about a conversation she had got me burst out laughing. I can simply imagine how that conversation went:

Sophia’s Friend (SF): Now, isn’t a mother breastfeeding her baby an adorable thing…
Sophia (S): (Interrupts) Well, that’s just what I couldn’t understand…
SF: Couldn’t understand what?
S: Why can’t we just hook the babies up with a feed of milk?
SF: Hook up to what?
S: You know, a feed of milk. Regulated by timer, controlled by thermostats for optimal milk temperature… possibly protected with some sort of anti virus thingy…
SF: (Incredulous) Sophia, babies are not servers!

To put context to this joke, Sophia is an all round Internet expert. Hence.

Oh, we digital product folks are simply a unique breed. We really are.

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