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The One With The Surprising Chocolate Cake At Zelo Bar

Indulge me in this.

It was a quiet afternoon, and you were meeting someone new. Someone you do not know much about, and spoken to only once or twice before. You were meeting up because both of you are craving for companionship, and… to be perfectly honest, you were slightly more than intrigued by this new persona who was, at that moment, a blank canvass to you.

What is the socially acceptable (read: not making yourself to be a complete dork in the process) thing to do in such a situation?

Zelo Bar & Restaurant at Pacific Place Mall

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A Journey with Shafik

My journey with Shafik started years ago… on a specific night dated 19th April 2005. He was only17 back then. We met because of a “common purpose” which (I think he will agree) I shall not repeat here.


Yes, I know, he is a skinny little fella, isn’t he?

Fast forward a little, and there was my surprise 26th party organised by him and a few others… one whole month in advance. I mean, how can I not be surprised?


End of 2005, when we paid a Raya visit to a certain someone’s house. This is my favourite pic of him. Of course, nowadays he looks nothing like that skinny fella he was before.

raya05 021

For some reasons, I can’t find any photos of him and I taken in 2006. Whatever happened? Ah… that was the year I was working as a conference producer, when life was a nutcase of stress and late nights and… anyway. Fast forward to end of 2007, when we have our own Christmas party at my old place.

Shafik, Cheryl & I

Yes, I know, right. Such a big difference. But to me, he was still my skinny little fella.

Soon it was time to say goodbye to 2007 and welcome 2008. Of which we spent together at some countdown party at VivoCity.

Dinner @ Breeks, HarborFront Centre

Over the years, we went out together many, many times. Cheryl, Shafik and I spent many evenings together, like this one, when we laughed our collective assess off at Kumar’s show at Hard Rock Cafe.

The trio - Shafik, Cheryl & I

Being the party animal that I am, I threw a good many gatherings at my place. Every single time, I will invite him and Cheryl to attend. There was only one party they missed out, and that was because of a certain someone too… anyway! This one was at the housewarming party of my current place.

Shafik and I

As if I can’t get enough of him *puke*, I got Shafik working with as an intern in my company. No, not as an office boy – I have more respect for him than that! – but as a graphic designer. In which he excelled at. And, from what I told him, he got a perfect GPA mostly because of his internship with him. I am still looking forward to my big thank-you treat.

The Family Portrait

Shafik is always the epitome of style and consistently dress better than me… even when we were in costume. Like this Halloween party last year.

Shafik & I

But, nevermind. Despite that he always stole my limelight from me whenever we were out together, we still go out every now and then. He needs someone matured like me to keep him in check. Hur.

Shafik & I

Together with Cheryl, we even took oversea trip together. Singular. Yes, only once, and that’s only to KL. I am a lone traveler, and I can’t imagine going on a trip in a group, and it’s a miracle that we didn’t kill each other during our trip. Maybe the copious amount of alcohol helped.


As we all grew older, we started to be nicer to each other. Birthdays were remembered, MSN conversations were meaningful, hugs and kisses were heartfelt. Like the time we pulled out all stops to throw the celebration of birthday celebration for Cheryl’s 2xth birthday. All black-tie and poshness and wine and steaks. We looked the part, didn’t we?


Without meaning to, Shafik (together with Cheryl) started to impose his presence on many major milestones in my life. I didn’t really mind… they always beautify the photos I took in commemorating those events. Like at this time, when I was flying off for my winter holiday end of last year.

Camwhoring in the lift

And suddenly, Shafik turned 21. No longer a kid. An adult. Legal to do many things. I shudder to think of the possibilities. His possibilities. LOL.

As I look back at the past four years, I felt a mix of emotion for him. Sense of pride to see the man he is today. Tokens of gratitude thinking back to the time when he was there when I needed someone. Tingles of excitement when we were out sharing a jug, a joke, a smoke (not!).

Shafik's 21st Birthday Celebration Night Out

People come, people go. That’s a fact of life. Only a few significant ones will leave permanent marks in your life. That’s also a fact of life.

Shafik has left his in mine. This post is dedicated to him as he celebrates his adulthood. Thank you, brother, for your unconditional friendship and unreserved love. Friends are forever, eh?

Happy 21st birthday. Let’s hope we won’t kill each other in Seoul!

P.S.: In case you haven’t realise, many of the things I said in this post were meant to be cheeky! Go figure out which is which, hehe.