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The One With My Very Own First Failbooking

The One With My Very Own First Failbooking

My very own first failbooking. By the way, Elvis is a cat.

Don’t you ever laugh-out-loud while reading the news feed in your Facebook?

The One With My Mom & Facebook

The One With My Mom & Facebook

I have just spent a good part of my once-in-a-while phone conversation with my mom discussing our various Facebook updates. I even taught her how to “unlike” a page.

The surrealism of this left me a little amused. Technology has indeed changed so much of the way we communicate, even across generations continents apart.

Of course I know Facebook (or any other online communication medium) does not replace real life interaction, but it is such an integral part of our social fabric that we would be stupid to ignore it.

I wait with abated breathe for the day when my mom start tweeting.

The One With Social Media & Job Hunting

The One With Social Media & Job Hunting

I was amused, tickled and exasperated in equal measures reading this article by ZDNet Asia – Job hunters should avoid risky online behavior. In summary, the article claimed that job seekers should avoid putting themselves at risk by publishing inappropriate material on their social profiles, as employers have been found to reject possible candidates based on what they found online.

Now wait a minute. Are you saying that I should block/censor/vet every single tweet, status update, photos, shoutouts and checkins I do online so that my future in my next job would not be compromised?

You gotta be kidding me.

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The One With Handcrafted Social Media

The One With Handcrafted Social Media

I read this article a few days ago and found myself thinking back to it over and over again as I hone my own social networks. Are you inadvertently spamming your family, friends and business contacts?

48 Things You Might Want To Know About Raz

Wow, there are sure a lot of this kind of meme going around in Facebook, so I’m doing it selectively. Got tagged by Cheryl, Anna, Paul, Charles and a couple of other “invisible tags”, so here you go! More things for you to know about me… if you so inclined, hehe. This is a copied version from the actual Facebook note.

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25 Random Things About Razlan

I remember the day I was tagged on Facebook to do this meme. It was the first time I got tagged to do something, and I thought… what the hell. I was bored, I had half an hour before my next appointment, so I started writing.

… and didn’t stop until 40 minutes later. Gosh. That was some hard work. Writing 25 random things about yourself is almost as hard as choosing 25 friends to tag. What I didn’t realise was how I released something viral into my circle of friends.

More than half of the people tagged did the note, and tagged me back, and in turn tagged more people, many of whom are our mutual friends. I learned more about my friends in these notes than over a couple of beers. And according to some report, more than 5 million of these notes got written.

Gosh, just how desperate are we to share with the whole world? LOL.

Anyway, here is the note I did, reproduced in all it’s glory. If you did one too, show it to me!

Oh… just in case she got pissed off I didn’t credit her – this post was inspired by social media rockstar, Pat Law.


So here’s the deal. The tagged person (in this case, me) has to write 25 random things about him/herself. And then tag 25 other people to do it!

In turn, the 25 other tag-ees will have to write 25 random things about themselves and tag the person who tagged them along with 25 other people they wanna tag!

1. My stomach is christened “Ma’at“.

2. Another part of is christened “So’ot“. Guess which.

3. When I dance in a club, I like to bite my pendant, if I am wearing one.

4. I like to arrange my dollar notes in my wallet according to size. I feel uneasy if they are all jumbled-up.

5. Whenever I make tea, I always put in two tea bags, and will use them three times. Always.

6. I need to read before I sleep. If I don’t, I can’t sleep. If I do, I might be able to sleep.

7. When I use my laptop at work, my MS Outlook must be the first thing I load, so it will appear left-most on my taskbar. If it is not aligned so, I will close all my programs and start all over again.

8. I hate the alert “ping-ing” sounds on computer programs, like Gtalk or MSN. It irritates me to no end. I turn off everything if I could. So if you message me and wondered why it took me so long to reply, now you know.

9. I can’t eat spicy stuff, but I love wasabi with sushi, and seafood tomyam.

10. I used to spend 10-hours on IRC everyday for two whole months. Non-stop.

11. My biggest idol is Orlando Bloom, and once I almost spent thousands on air ticket to see him at the world premiere for Troy. Sanity took hold of me before I can click “purchase ticket”

12. When I get married, it will be a white wedding in Santorini, Greece. The rings will be from Tiffany and the flowers will be purple tulips. Only 40 guests will be invited (20 will be mine) so start being nice to me now.

13. I intend to name my first son, Ryan Haiqal. My first daughter, Rachel Nurhaliza. And second son, Nathan… Malay name to be determined.

14. As of now, I have not found the person I want to do the above two items with. Yet.

15. My Mac is named “Bulut”. I did it after a certain encounter in Istanbul. Don’t ask me what happened.

16. At my “peak”, I weighed 90 kg and my waistline was 40″. Yes, I know I didn’t look like it, but it’s the truth. If you want my oversized, specially tailored pants and jeans, you can have them.

17. In my uni-days, I was known as “Professor Harry Potter“. I can recite the names of all the spells cast by Harry, Ron and Hermione, backwards. I know I was awesome.

18. I read the entire series of Harry Potter books at least 12 times.

19. I dropped a tooth when I was 23. I still keep it in a special, wooden container. I think I will drop more teeth as I age.

20. I once took a photo with Michael Jackson when I was little. Now I am not sure if it is the real person or just a life-sized cut-out.

21. When I was young, I thought hanging a string of firecrackers in front of the balcony will attract lion dancers to come to my house.

22. I used to hate people who drink, smoke, and/or club. To the core. Now I can do all three myself. Maybe not so much for smoking, unless it is Turkish water pipe.

23. I love Phuket. I been there seven times within 1.5 year.

24. I can recite and act out scenes from FRIENDS. I have ten whole seasons of it on DVD. I stopped counting when I watched it for the tenth time.

25. I am having a tough time citing 25 random things about myself, and to choose 25 friends to tag. And I am late for my appointment. But here you go – keep it going!