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The One With A Summer Sunday At Stanley

Sights of Stanley

A summer Sunday at Stanley. SSS. That’s kinda cool.

Things Stanley is good for:

1) An impromptu short day trip on HK Island when the concrete jungle is too much but you are not quite that ready for the wilderness

2) Entertaining friends who have made enough trips to HK that revolved only around places like Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay

3) Reminding yourself that, yes, life can be good even when your mind is filled with what-am-I-doings and what-could-have-beens

There are only that few life blues which calming sea breeze, a cold pint of beer and the company of an old friend couldn’t cure.

The One With The Sunday Day Trip To Shatin & Tai Po

There are only so many weekends a man could spend bar-hopping and club-dancing before he feels totally washed out and in need of a break in routine. It all sounded glamorous when one’s weekends are filled with dancing, drinking and merrymaking but, trust me, it gets stale. Sometime.

So in a bid of Doing Something Different, yours truly ganged up with some lovely friends to go up north towards the New Territories of Hong Kong, making a healthy day trip one fine Sunday.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

Shatin Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

Otherwise known as Man Fat Tsz, this is not an actually monastery as there are no residence monks. Located in Shatin, the monastery is some 400 odd steps up a hill at Pai Tau Village. The name, as you may guessed, come from the thousands of life-sized and small Buddhas at this place.

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