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The One With Chinese New Year – Year Of The Sheep!

Or is it ram? Or goat? You know, it’s really hard to get it right.

This year is actually my year. As in, I am of the Chinese zodiac sign of sheep. Which means, I was born three zodiac cycles ago. No prize for guessing how old I am this year!

Apparently, my luck is not very good this year, be it with money, health, relationship etc. I seldom pay heed to such beliefs, but my family does. I was repeatedly reminded to go to a local temple to perform a ceremony to “turn my luck” for the year.

I guess that would make this year’s CNY celebration a little different, instead of usual eating in and partying out. Regardless, I could really use the break.

Here’s wishing all my blog readers a very Gong Xi Fa Cai! Here’s my favorite self-pic for CNY by far.

Razlan for CNY

(Yes, I used to wear specs. Kinda miss how I looked two years ago)

The One With Chinese New Year Family Dinner

When it comes to festive season feast, few can beat the Chinese. The vast variety, the ultra importance and the sheer cholesterol made it almost the whole point for families to travel thousand of miles to exchange pleasantries and “ang pow” (money in red packets) before the real event.

To welcome the (5th day of) Lunar New Year, allow me to continue with my series of food porn… this time focusing on Chinese New Year food in Hong Kong.

Starting the night with a glass of champagne.

HK Family CNY Dinner

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