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The One With Shopaholic to the Stars – A Novel by Sophie Kinsella

(WARNING: Spoilers ahead)

You know you are reading a masterpiece when a feeling of dread creeps up to you at the final pages.

That’s how it was with Shopaholic to the Stars: A Novel by Sophie Kinsella´╗┐ and me. As I turn to the last page, my heart plummeted knowing that it will be months before I can follow Becky’s next adventure.

Despite what I have heard about Sophie Kinsella´╗┐’s latest book, I dived into its first chapter with an open mind. 100+ pages in, and I was hooked.

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The One With “Girl Friday” by Jane Green

Girl Friday by Jane Green

Green’s latest book, Girl Friday is somewhat a disappointment in the beginning, but ended with the usual happy-ending flair for a chick lit.

The portrayal of characters in the beginning were cumbersome at best, and attempts to interweave them seemed rather unrealistic. Things picked up towards the end when every single relationship ended where they should be. It is a tale of high society, of women struggling to fit in, of women finding themselves in a plethora of things; ex-husbands, ex-boyfriends, new business, life failures.

Would be a great read for holidays, but not a Green’s best.

The book is known as Dune Road in the US.

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The One With Mimi Smartypants

Hoegaarden @ Inn side out

Today I met up with an ex-date for the first time after our break up…. if you can call it that.

(Breaking up, apparently, is only for couples who were actually committed to each other. I don’t know about you, but I do think that breaking up means your heart was broken when you break up with someone. My heart did, so it was a break up. And I think it is a disease that I can’t blog without going to lengthy explanation in parentheses of some terms I used.)

The venue of choice was Inn Side Out, which was already packed with peanut-crunching, beer-guzzling customers by the time I arrived. While waiting for my ex-date to arrive, I spend many happy minutes crunching peanuts, guzzling beer and reading Mimi Smartypants.

Oh, happy times.

Anyway, the ex-date arrived and we caught up with each other’s lives. Maybe I had one beer too many, but I spilled some beer, salad and beef nachos onto my pants. Staring at the stain in dismay, I jokingly said that I am a full meal from the waist down; appetiser, main course and beverage.

That sounded a lot dirtier than I intended it to be.

Anyway, on to the ex-date. It might not be a closure, but it certainly was good knowing that we have moved on to better places.

And if you can separate what is fiction and what is not in this blog post, I would love to know you.