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The One With A World Of Beer

Beer, the bane of my expanding waistline.

If there is one vice that I am unable to give up, it would be beer. Which man can say no a tall pint of frothing, ice-cold beer? Regardless where I am as I travel the beer, I always, always look out for their local version of beer.

Why do I love beer so much, you say?

Beer is cooling. If you live where I am – first in Malaysia, then in Singapore, now in Hong Kong – you will appreciate just how much a glass of ice-cold beer can help bring down your temperature on a hot summer night… and in my case, that’s all year round! In fact, my mum swear by it to cure fever and the like. Yes, I know, my mum rocks :D

Beer gets you drunk faster than your other alcoholic drink, and it’s usually much less expensive. A pint of beer will cost you like, what, S$10 at happy hour? One glass of hour pour, on the hand, can make you S$15 poorer… and let’s not even touch the martinis. The ladies need a couple of those to achieve what one good pint of beer can do.

Beer is the center of celebration. Beer on tap, cans of beer submerged in a large chilled container, rows of beer bottles in the fridge. The sight of so much mouth watering beer lined up for your inspection and consumption will never fail to cheer up even the most tired soul.

Beer is easy. Easy to drink, that is. Crack open one, and you are good to go. It’s wayyyyy easier than having to mix a long island tea (that’s seven different alcohol in one glass), or a lychee martini (you know how tricky is to pierce one slippery lychee with a toothpick?). Unless you are a bartender, of course.

I am not ashamed to admit that, over the years, I grew to appreciate beer more and more despite my worry about my expanding beer belly. So in compensation, I run the extra miles in gym to keep my gut in check…

… simply because I just can’t give up beer. Can you?

Now for a visual journey through my years celebrated with beer (in no particular order):

Beer Fest @ Lan Kwai Fong

Recently taken. Beer Festival @ Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong. They sell beer by the yards.

Beer & Nachos at Brewerkz

My favorite hangout, Brewerkz. This was one of the dinner I had there. I believe the beer was “Moh Gwai”, translated as Monster. A monster it was!

Beer & snack...

Singha beer goes very well with deep friend snack, when you are in for a spot of sun tanning and see breezing by the beach in Phuket. My favorite holiday spot in the world!

Carlsberg Beer...

This is no ordinary Carlsberg. This is ice-cold beer served in frosted glass. Right now you can get this anywhere, but the concept was made famous by the good folks in Ipoh, Malaysia.

In a moment of madness...

In a moment of madness one Christmas season, I bought one carton of Chang Beer for no rhyme nor reasons. This lot was finished within two weeks!

Mythos Beer.. again

It’s strange how beer can even taste good during winter. This was Mythos beer of Greece. I was holidaying in Santorini, and sipped on this delicious glass of beer right next to a roaring wood fire. Heavenly.

Beer session with boss

Best way to bond with your boss after a long day of work? Over a pint of beer, of course. This was in a hotel lounge in Hong Kong, after a particularly trying day.

Beers are men's (and some women's) best friends!

Beer are men’s (and some women’s) best friends! Some of the best moments shared with my buddies were over bottles of beers like this.


I became a beer-holic at a young age. This group of absolutely fun people was my colleagues from my very first job. Pardon the unglam hair. I was young and naive and didn’t know better.

Night Out @ Wild Oats, Mount Emily

Beer is on the menu even at the classiest of places, like at the Wild Oats of Mount Emily.

Epes Pilsner

Who would have thought that a Muslim country like Turkey will have their own national beer? That Epes Pilsner, a delightfully smooth beer I discovered while I was in Istanbul.

I realised I don’t have photos of my all-time-favorite, Hoegarden! Oh well… a pint for you and me, soon?