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My Birthday Party – A Very LONG Entry


My 29th birthday party can only be described with one word – smashing!.

It was so in many, many ways. The evening started with the arrival of balloons, food, beer, ice… all these always get me excited. Then the music started blasting, and the first few guests started to arrive. I was decked in my best (and new) gear, and I felt at the top of the world.

Naturally, that called for a celebration. Glasses of beer were in order, and I toasted my way to oblivion on an empty stomach.

And the story went that I was totally smashed even before the cake was cut! To be honest, I remember greeting the guests, asked them some questions, made sure they have food… and that’s where my memory ended. I do know I smiled a lot, did my social-butterfly thing, got amused at jokes that I couldn’t understand, laughed at those that weren’t meant to be a joke (ooops!), and…

Well, what I recall best is my cake cutting moment. Of course, I mentioned that already. But it was during that time I felt most alive, most aware of the people around me, and that… although I am yet another year older, I am still the playful, somewhat idiotic me.

Now’ll let the photos do the talking! First of all, the food! Thanks to JX for taking these food photos

(Be warned. Many photos ahead! be patient while they download)

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The Birthday Party

The party is over. In the exhausted state I am in right now, I can only remember one thing.

That I was insanely happy at this very moment during the cake cutting. When I looked around the room, I see the smiling faces of people who have, in many ways, blessed my life.

Thank you, thank you all for coming. A more detailed update with photos will come later.

If you have taken any photos during the party, please do send them to me, so that I can consolidate them in one album.

A Dummy’s Guide to Attend My Party

Before the party....

1. Wear whatever you like. Head gears, feather boa, and false beards are all encouraged, separately or together.

2. You really don’t have to bring anything, except for the contribution to the alcohol stash. I know it is polite to ask, and I appreciate that politeness, but when I throw a party I am kind of a crazy control freak with the planning so I probably have it all covered. If your mother raised you in such a way that you absolutely cannot arrive empty-handed, wine (hint: I like the Australian kind), sunflowers (hint: I like really big ones), or huge baggies of sweets are always welcome. (Update: No longer a control freak, I welcome contributions of all kind!)

3. Say something nice about the food, because I am not always very confident of my choice of caterer, really.

4. Drink. Mingle. Don’t wait to be introduced. Be funny. Here is a list of conversational topics to get you started: your favorite cheeses, scary things (nuns, clowns, midgets), stuff that sucks, weird sexual things you’ve done, crime stories (bonus points if they end up with you pantsless in a police station), caber tossing, famous people who you wouldn’t mind having as your own personal fuckpuppet, dinosaurs RRRAAARRR!, whether you believe that the declension in the Western post-Romantic mind from Modernism to Postmodernism can be understood as a shift from epistemological skepticism to ontological skepticism, the fact that a pig has a spiral penis, and the Incredible Hulk’s bad haircut (seriously, did his mom cut his hair with a bowl?).

5. Conversational topics to avoid: work (funny stories are fine, but no one wants to hear the details of your spreadsheet wizardry), your gym routine, abortion/gun control/the death penalty/terrorism, what you did or didn’t eat today, how everyone lusts after you, the amount of fabulously expensive electronic equipment you own, and platform snobbery (if I even overhear a tiny fragment of the Windows vs Mac vs Linux debate I’ll slip a sleeping pill in your drink, I swear). Also, anecdotes about how cute your pets or children are should be limited to five minutes or less.

6. Never, ever, insist that everyone stop drinking, talking, and generally having a good time in order to “play a game.” Playing games is fine, if it is that sort of party. Or there can be a subgroup of game players within a larger party. But you are not the Camp Counselor of the party, to be demanding that the partygoers do this or that.

7. Be a Good Drinker: no vomiting, no wanton destruction, no unwanted groping of fellow guests. Dirty jokes, comic antics, flirtation, and slightly slurred stream-of-consciousness blather are encouraged, however. If things do get out of hand, you are welcome to spend the night. I have plenty of couch/floor space. (Update: Venue dependent. Camping at the beach is optional)

8. Remember, your host sets the tone. So: If I am wobbling about like Dorothy Parker on a bad night, consuming superhuman quantities of beer, kissing just about everyone on the mouth, waving tea lights around and coming dangerously close to setting you on fire, and cracking wise about all and sundry, that gives you a free license to completely let your hair down.

And so, for those in the know, see you!

Adapted from Mimi Smartypants

The Day I Turned 28 – The Party

Okay, so I am now officially 28. Two more years to the big 3, and another year of reasons why I shouldn’t claim “to be in my mid-twenties”

I am not sure exactly how the decision was made. I remember lamenting about birthday celebrations earlier this month. At the back of my mind I imagined a party to top all my previous parties. Something more fun, more outrageous, more expensive.

And so I did it – what one of my friends termed as “the mega birthday party of the year”.

To be honest I think that is just a bit over flattering, haha. Okay, here’s what I have done:

The Invite List
Invited slightly over 100 people – unimates, online blogger friends, the Fiknatic team, LiveJournal friends, ex-colleagues, current colleagues… Managed the invitation using Topica – it allows me to track if my email invitations are opened, and if the links are clicked, on individual basis. So if you guys opened the email, and didn’t respond, and then claimed haven’t check your email, here’s the surprise – I KNEW! The system also allows me to capture responses from the invite list, and further send further emails to different lists – people who said yes, people whom haven’t responded etc. I know, I am such a web geek :D

The Beer
I have been fretting over how to get beer on tap. I was so fixated with the idea that I badgered so many friends asking for contacts. I really don’t want to serve beer by the can :( – that’s awful. At first I only found this website selling beer in Singapore on the tap, but the brands available were… unknowns. A week before the party a little email came into my inbox – the Brewerkz monthly newsletter. And I realised they have Beer Online! So I happily ordered one keg of their Pilsner Lager beer. Order was a breeze, confirmation was instant, and the beer is delivered to my house on the dot. There’s the keg of beer, a little gas pump (I don’t know what it is called) and a big ice box to chill the beer. And the best part is that, since I can’t finish the beer, they allow me to keep the whole set until they need it back! The beer can last up to a month, and all I need to do is to keep replenish the ice. I have to buy 10 kgs of ice every 2 – 3 days, but the luxury of having beer on tap at home, every night, is heaven~

The Food
Usually I will cater for food from Select, but I got bored of their menu after three parties with them. The price was also raised, and the new website is so unfriendly… I decided to look for alternative. The answer came when I went to Miss Clarity Cafe and saw on their new menu that their do catering now! So after some quick conversation with ShaoJun one of the owners, I have settled for finger food for S$10 per head for 30 pax. The good thing is that they don’t need to collect their stuff 4-hours later – unlike Select. It made a difference not to disrupt the party with the caterer coming in to clean up. Yup! So we had assorted canape, assorted pastries, spring rolls, samosa, chicken wings, chipolata, quinches, bread butter pudding and sandwhiches. The quality is good, the main setup was a bit loopy (haha!) but overall it really worth the money!

The Cake
Okay here’s a shocker – I bought my own cake *gasp*! Yeah, so it is a bit unconventional. But I really don’t want to wait for my friends to offer to buy a cake. I mean, what if no one volunteered? Or what if they ordered something awful? Haha… so I asked someone to help me to get my fav cake – Secret Recipe’s Royal Chocolate. Bought only 1-kg as I thought most people won’t eat cakes and there are plenty of food, but I was wrong! I only had a tiny slice, and before I knew it the cake was gone! Haha… actually earlier on I contemplated Trisha’s cupcakes instead. But that went a bit above my budget so I dropped that.

The Deco
The theme for the party was yellow/orange… because all the colours were too normal / taken by others / I don’t like it! First thought was to get balloons! Many many balloons hugging the ceilings in hues of yellow and gold. To do that I went to The Concourse to get balloons and a helium tank. Total damage = S$60, much less than I thought! Also went to Ikea to get new pillows, new tealight holders, new pillows… more damage done. Thanks to my buddy Tony for driving me around to pick up all the stuff the day before the party, when I took leave just to do shopping. Thanks a lot dude! (Note: In the end the 50 balloons I bought covered less than half the ceiling! Haha… and most of it somehow floated out of the house and away into the night sky. There were no balloons left the next day! All gone!)

The Gifts
My last email out to the attendees suggested that I like books and jazz. So it was no surprise that some gifts I got that night are things like books, vouchers, jazz CDs… some surprises like boxers, toiletries set… but I think most of the people who came brought bottles and bottles of alcohol! So the fatal mix of endless beer and shots and mixes throughout the night made many of my friends a little too over the board. I myself was too dazed to realise what actually happened, but the horror stories of how you guys pukes out of my window, stayed in the toilet for an hour, fall asleep on my bed… tsk tsk!

So was the party good? Well, when I did things that I have no recollection of, and when others experienced the same thing too, I knew my little party had it good :) It was really, really fun.

Thanks to all who came that night! Here are some photos from the night – more photos here

Birthday banner announcing the party – courtesy of Andy

The cake! Thanks Cheryl for picking this up for me!

The food! Looks pretty impressive hor? In case you don’t know, these are called canapes :)

Ya Li and my uni mates, Tony and Terence

Ex-colleagues from IQPC, Zhengxi and Philip

Jon came in his full manly gear! Haha…

The Fiknatic gang – Cheryl, Su, Tiq and Shafik

Bryan was sick last night, but he still came by to hang out with us for a bit. Thanks dude!

Mak was the star of the night! My non-LJ friends loveeeeeed him. Thanks for being there, dude! You sure made the party lively!

My deejay for the night! Sean spinned some outrageously handbag tunes – and I loved it!!!

Clement seems very quiet that night – or did I miss something? Hehe… loved the monkey yellow shirt!

Jeremy and Lawrence were the first to arrive, having sun tanned (and failed!) at the TPY pool

Eugene and Lenz… and Eugene you notti boy, suggesting those ideas to me!!! but I like! Hahah

My chicklit sista!!! Didn’t know that Ian shares the same taste in books as me!

Terence was easily the best dressed guy for the night!

My boss Siew Mee came with her husband and son. Hehe, didn’t manage to stay long as her son was hyper active!

Oh my angel of the night…. Bryan was heaven-sent. You know what I mean dude! Thanks loads… will buy you dinner sometime ok!

Haven’t meet Linus for sometime already… so nice to see coming to my party!!!

Aldo and Alex… thanks for the bottles! So many of them hehe…

Shawn and Bryan. There were three Bryans at my party last night!!

Dr. Mike paid a surprise visit!! Didn’t expect to see him last night. Though he was just living behind my block.

Lisa and Tess were superb last night with their endless supply of drinks for everyone. Thanks girls!!

Last night was the second time Chris and Jess came to my place… for yet another party. It just keeps getting bar, eh? Heheh…

How can I forget darling Min!!! Miss you so much!!! So good to see you and Ted again. And thanks for dressing yellow!!

Zhiren came early too… the only enlisted helper whom made it on time and not late!

Actually, this post should be more aptly named as “The Weekend I Turned 28”. As 25th June falls on a Monday, I choose to celebrate my coming of age on the Saturday before. But, ah, tehcnicality. Mundane mundane.