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The One With A Sunny Saturday At Shek O Beach

In a bid to visit more places in Hong Kong before winter truly ends and the wretched summer begins, I took the road again with some travel buddies to visit yet another beach in Hong Kong; this time round to the famous family beach of Shek O, located to the east of Hong Kong Island.

Sunny Saturday At Shek O

Shek O Beach, together with Big Wave Beach located about two km away, was famous of its big wave and clean beach (of Grade 2). During summer the beach will be packed with families and wind surfer; yet another reason to visit during non-summer months.

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The One With 7 Reasons Why Summer Is Fabulous At Hong Kong Beaches

When I first moved to Hong Kong in mid of summer 2009, I couldn’t understand why the locals were overjoyed with the soaring temperature. What was so great with stinky armpits and sweaty foreheads? Perhaps I have lived in Singapore for too long, summer is a “year-long” season for me.

Then came winter, of which I enjoyed tremendously. Donning outfit after outfit of winter bests, seeing your own breathe fogging up right in your face were new experiences to me.

Too soon winter was over, and suddenly it is hot all over again in Hong Kong. But this time round, I start to see this season of holiday through a Hong Kong-er’s eyes, and begin to understand why summer in Hong Kong can only be described as fabulous.

It is the beaches. With over 200 outlying islands, and a long coastline full of spectacular bays and beaches, there are more than enough beautiful beaches in Hong Kong to frolic your days away at.

So I don my new swimming trunk (thanks Dennis!) and slap on luxurious amount of sun block, and off to the beaches I went to explore.

Lazy Afternoon at South Bay Beach

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