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The One With The End Of 2010

To round off the year, I wanted to find my all time favorite shot taken in 2010 as an accompaniment photo. As I racked my brain for all that had happened for the past twelve months, my mind kept drawing back to one particular photo; taken at the Staten Island of New York, where the iconic Statue of Liberty is.

As I pondered over my subconscious choice, it dawned upon me why this particular photo meant so much.

The Statue of Liberty, New York

For this photo marked a very important milestone not only for the year, but in my life. This was when I made a maiden trip to New York during the spring month of April, fulfilling one of my oldest dream ever since I watched the first episode of Friends.

Yes, I was that impressionable.

It was also then when I visited my beloved mom, ten years after we parted ways to chart our own future. Right after this trip my relationship with my mom strengthened ten-folds, and I crossed yet another milestone in my life.

Because of that fateful moment, my life will (thankfully) never be the same again.

It also reminds me how important travel was, and will continue to be, an important part of my life. Some view traveling abroad a mere hobby, to be undertaken when one find life too dull and have that odd cash to spare.

For me, travels define who I am. As I saw more unfamiliar sights and explored more unknown territories, my mind, expanded and my horizons, deepen. Without these trips made over the years, I will not be who I am.

This will be a passion I will burn throughout my life.

It was also here I was miles from my friends and loved ones. As hours and days passed by, I realised which friendship and relationship meant more to me. It made me choose with whom I want to build my life with. It allowed me to… grow, as a person to myself, and as a friend to people around me.

Needless to say, New York 2010 was a major turning point in my life.

As I look forward to 2011 with much hope and determination, I can look back into the past twelve months and honestly say…

… I have no regrets.

The One With The Farewell To The Big Apple

The Statue of Liberty, New York

And so, my ten days adventure to the United States has come to an end.

In another few hours, I will be onboard a CX flight back to Hong Kong. Back to the grind and hustle & bustle of real life, after experiencing one of of the most “real” travel experience of all my journeys.

New York has been an inspiration and a disappointment in equal measure. Can I see myself living in the city? Yes. Can I see myself integrating into the community here? Yes.

But the question would be – do I want to?

That is one I would need to ponder in the months, if not years, to come. Till then, I have a real life to build, in the city of my choice, Hong Kong.

I will be back very soon, folks. Dim sum?