Blogging Policy

You Got Me Blogging writes on topics of various interests, with a strong focus on food, travel, movie and social media. From time to time there are revenue-generating opportunities offered to me related to my niches (apart from display advertising on this blog), and it is in the interest of my blog readers and subscribers for full disclosure on how these content are researched, written and promoted.

If you are a brand or company wishing to engage me in blogging about your product and services, please do take note of the following blogging policy, which may or may not conform to “standard industry practices”.

The following is written with food blogging and review in mind, and should be applied to other nature content as well (such as complimentary spa session, free products for review etc.)

A sponsored experience applies to private food tasting sessions (at which the restaurant invites me to visit their establishments for a dining experience), or food blogger gatherings (at which the restaurant invites a select group of bloggers in one single session).

In your invitation, do provide the following information:
1) Available dates and times for the visits
2) If the meal is sponsored, subsidised or otherwise
3) If I am allowed to invite additional guests
4) If my guests are sponsored or subsidised as well
5) The nature of meal to be reviewed (so that I invite guests who are most likely to enjoy your offer!)

Should I accept your invitation, you can expect the following from me:

I will pay for the food if my meal (and/or of my guests) is not sponsored (or fully subsidised). This will be made clear, in writing, prior to a visit to your establishment.

I will maintain good behaviour of me and/or my guests during the duration of the sponsored experience to ensure a cordial atmosphere regardless of nature of our experience (good/bad/neutral) at your establishment.

I may blog about my dining experience at your establishment. The nature of my blog post (positive/neutral/negative) and full editorial control will be at my discretion. Only an advertorial offers you the opportunity to influence the nature of the post; however I do not offer that at this point of time.

I will clearly mark the said blog post (if one is written) as “sponsored” or “by invitation”. This disclosure is to ensure readers are fully informed on how the blog post came about and make informed decision/opinion upon reading.

I may promote the said blog post (if one is written), share photos and/or mention details of my visit on my social networks (Twitter, Facebook and/or Flickr). This will be affected directly on how much I enjoy the dining experience offered by you.

Thank you for your interest, and I hope you will benefit from a sponsorship experience only You Got Me Blogging can offer. To contact me, please use this online web form.

P.S.: For a full background on how this blogging policy came about, please see this blog post: The One With Guidelines For The Novice Food Blogger.