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Shiny bits and pieces of the Internet which caught my attention

The One With My 10,000th Tweet

And so it happened, my 10,000th tweet.


I have tried to find out what my very first tweet but to no avail. Ah well. Perhaps some tweets are meant to be buried in the past.

Twitter, in many ways, have changed the way I read and consume news (useful or otherwise) and to engage with friends. It was through Twitter I was reminded of the Hungry Ghost Festival, and that senseless riots are sweeping across UK.

In many ways, I can’t imagine my digital life without Twitter. So cheers to me, for yet another milestone on my social media journey!

The One With John Burroughs Show Choir In Hong Kong

I first discovered the John Burroughs Show Choir, Powerhouse through YouTube, where they spectacularly performed Vogue onstage. Have a look at the video and you’ll know why I love this group.

And so, imagine my disappointment when I discovered they came to Hong Kong to do some shows while I was away on my Europe trip! While the audience in Hong Kong was captivated their performances, I was high up in the sky crossing continents returning from London.

But not all is lost. Thanks to YouTube I can now catch their performance online.

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The One With My First TweetNotebook

A little surprise came in the mail today.

My First TweetNoteBook

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The One With T-Mobile Welcome Back TVC

Because I am feeling sick-ish, it’s kinda late (9 p.m., to be exact) and I could really do with a ten-hour slumber, allow me to take a break from writing long blog post and share something which had uplifted me endlessly in the past week.

The TVC speaks for itself. Doesn’t it just lift up your spirit and make you grin like a fool, perhaps with a tear in your eye?

Life is for sharing… indeed. To a better world, one great ad campaign at a time, T-Mobile. When I get to London Jan next year, I’ll get your prepaid card for sure.

The One With James Barnes 3rd Symphony – For Natalie

Beautiful piece by James Barnes. The starting was a little clumsy, but the climax was resoundingly beautiful. Very strong brass line, and wonderful harpist.

Pity the incessant coughing in the background though.

By Philips Harmonie… yes, that Dutch company, Philips.

The One With My Very Own First Failbooking

The One With My Very Own First Failbooking

My very own first failbooking. By the way, Elvis is a cat.

Don’t you ever laugh-out-loud while reading the news feed in your Facebook?

The One With Japan In World Cup & Twitter Fail Whale

The One With Japan In World Club & Twitter Fail Whale

“Nearly 8 million tweets a day are written by Japanese, or about 12 percent of the global total, according to Twitter. Data from Tweet Sentiments, a web site that analyzes tweets, show Japanese are sometimes tweeting more frequently than Americans.”

Now you know why whenever Japan soccer team has the ball, you get the fail whale.

Hat tips to Thomas Crampton.

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The One With My Mom & Facebook

The One With My Mom & Facebook

I have just spent a good part of my once-in-a-while phone conversation with my mom discussing our various Facebook updates. I even taught her how to “unlike” a page.

The surrealism of this left me a little amused. Technology has indeed changed so much of the way we communicate, even across generations continents apart.

Of course I know Facebook (or any other online communication medium) does not replace real life interaction, but it is such an integral part of our social fabric that we would be stupid to ignore it.

I wait with abated breathe for the day when my mom start tweeting.

The One With The Funny (Fake) Twitter @BPGlobalPR

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have probably heard about the oily disaster that engulfs the Gulf of Mexico. Everything is looking bleak at the moment; the people are angry, the environmentalists are up in arms, the government is desperate and the folks at BP (who runs the leaking well) are scurrying around like headless chicken.

But someone is taking a funny spin on the whole thing, which turns out the be a pretty good attempt. Enter the fwitter (stands for fake Twitter) @BPGlobalPR. In mere days this account garnered thousands of following.

It is not difficult to see why.

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The One With Social Media & Job Hunting

The One With Social Media & Job Hunting

I was amused, tickled and exasperated in equal measures reading this article by ZDNet Asia – Job hunters should avoid risky online behavior. In summary, the article claimed that job seekers should avoid putting themselves at risk by publishing inappropriate material on their social profiles, as employers have been found to reject possible candidates based on what they found online.

Now wait a minute. Are you saying that I should block/censor/vet every single tweet, status update, photos, shoutouts and checkins I do online so that my future in my next job would not be compromised?

You gotta be kidding me.

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