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The One With Brilliantly Bangkok – A World of Difference

Three months after my trip to Bangkok, I am finally done with my blog posts. I am fully aware this is becoming too common on this blog but like people say, it’s better late than never, eh?

Brilliantly Bangkok Day 1

Though I have been to Bangkok a couple of times in the past few years, this trip was majorly different in a few ways. For some reasons better left unsaid, I get to try way more variety of food and new restaurants and roadside snacks this time round. Bangkok, to me, is synonymous to great food and it was only befitting that I glutton out as much as possible.

(Note to self: Yes, I am also fully aware that almost every holiday destinations are synonymous to food to me nowadays. Ah, the life of a traveling foodie!)

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The One With Brilliantly Bangkok – Of MOCA Bangkok, Chatuchak Market & Talad Rot Fai

The final day in Bangkok finally dawned on us, and we had our first very much-needed late start to the morning. A leisurely breakfast, a slow lap up and down the infinity pool, and soon we were ready for a spot of culture.

Brilliantly Bangkok Day 4

The plan was to start our day at MOCA Bangkok, the new contemporary arts museum in Bangkok which is located so far out of town, it took us two tries before a taxi driver who runs on meter agreed to take us from the Chatuchak market. I don’t know about you, but I am always suspicious of taxi drivers that quote a flat price for any distance at all. We ended up paying only half of what those dishonest drivers were asking for.

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The One With Brilliantly Bangkok – Of Sukhumvit, Im Chang, Rainhill, The White Salon, Leyana Spa & Genpukan

Sometimes even at the most familiar cities, you have to venture out to the unknown to discover hidden gems. After a long, leisurely morning at the hotel of Proseco-fueled breakfast and a brief dip at the gorgeous infinity pool, it’s time to let our feet do the talking and explore Sukhumvit.

Brilliantly Bangkok Day 3

First pit stop: An unknown road side “stall” (for the lack of a better word) of which its large sign caught my attention more than anything else. Im Chang was simple stall with the simple tagline “Thai food Very Good and Very Cheap“. At the right place and at the right time, I couldn’t have agreed more. It was a great discovery – we ordered a variety of stuff to try and none was disappointing, although we were careful not to overstuff ourselves in anticipation of great street snacks in the area.

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The One With Brilliantly Bangkok – Of Red Oven, So Fit Infinity Pool, Banyan Tree Spa & 99 Rest Backyard Café

It’s odd to be awake and asleep at similar times as if it was just like any other day.

By dawn, I was awake having a fierce internal debate whether to wake up to do my blogging for the day, or to go back to sleep because, hey, if you can’t sleep in on a holiday, what kind of holiday would that be? The former usually wins, and as a result I am usually dead tired by ten at night and the mounds of fluffy pillows didn’t help. It’s a good thing The Travel Mate (TTM) has been very understanding.

Lights were out by eleven, after a day packed with unexpected and unplanned activities.

Brilliantly Bangkok Day 2

When a foodie was told that breakfasts at a particular hotel restaurant buffet accepts no reservation and it is all first come, first serve basis, please excuse him for being unbearably overexcited. Because that usually meant the restaurant has got great reputation, and with much haste we went on down to the popular Red Oven for a spot of breakfast.

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The One With Brilliantly Bangkok – Of Sofitel So, The Erawans, Mango Tree & Tarntawan

Right from the moment we arrived at Sofitel So Bangkok, I knew we were in for a world of difference.

Brilliantly Bangkok Day 1

From the deferential bellboys who separately attended to our luggages and check-in details, to the seemingly flirtatious invitation to their ninth floor reception lobby for a drink “to get to know us better”, everything was done with impeccable taste and refined tact. I was grinning from ear to ear all over them – an invitation to “free food and enough drink to fell an elephant” at their bar MIXO, a resting table from the moment we arrive with a sprawling view of the Lumpini Park… I feel like a hyped-up yet sleepy traveler (I woke up at four a.m. that morning) overdose on happy pills.

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The One With The Culinary Whirlwind That Was Bangkok 2010

I have been meaning to write about my Bangkok trip in September, detailing what happened day by day. But after a lapse of some two months and, coupled by the fact that how my seven days in Bangkok blurred into each other, it would probably be more worthwhile for yours truly to focus on the more blogworthy aspects of my trip in September.

Of course, top of my list is FOOD!

To my surprise, Bangkok has more to offer than just the good old Thai food. Perhaps that’s because the last time I visited was in 2006. My spending power was considerably less, so I don’t get too many options to spoil myself with.

But this trip was different. I get to try, try, and keep trying.

Seafood Dinner @ Bangkok’s Chinatown

Dinner at Chinatown

Easily the best meal for the trip was the first night when we headed down to Bangkok’s Chinatown for a huge dinner of seafood. The wait wasn’t that long, the crowd was jolly, the service was friendly, and all of us were in great spirit.

All those, of course, would be pointless if the food were less than spectacular. For about HKD100 per person, every dish was good till the last drop.

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The One With “We Love Bangkok” Day 3

Japanese Buffet at Oishi Grand, Siam Discovery

Let’s just say the day started for me with a delectable spread of Japanese buffet dinner at Siam Discovery. The food was delicious, I was starving, but just could stomach a third helping of their food.

I think I failed miserably as a wannabe foodie even on holiday.

Probably today will be the day when I should take things easy. Ah….. what do I know. It’s not even midnight yet. In Bangkok, the City of Sins Smiles, everything can change in a flash.

And I am fickle minded even at the best of time.

(This post will be updated again later)

The One With “We Love Bangkok” Day 2

The Nation - Bangkok on Red Alert

The second day in Bangkok dawned with a double whammy of bad news:
1) The scheduled event for the night was definitely canceled. Bad PR, but inevitable
2) The dreaded red shirts are taking the street again!

But being the ever resourceful us, we made alternative plans. A road side lunch, a relaxing day hanging out in the hotel room (champagne and strawberries are the bomb!), before dolling out for a big night out. God, I had so much fun. I can’t remember the last time I was, err, decent and still enjoyed myself so much.

(This post will be updated again later)

The One “We Love Bangkok” Day 1

Seafood Dinner at Chinatown

First day in Bangkok drew to a close. It had been a relaxing day, in room service and then massage and a some shopping (Dunkin Doughnuts!) before a huge dinner gathering at Chinatown. It was a spectacular site to behold, the twelve of us. Tucking into endless fresh seafood sent to our table, chatters over beer, and friendly bantering with the wait staff.

An experience only an authentic Bangkok roadside dining experience can give you.

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The One With “We Love Bangkok” Day 0

At Hong Kong International Airport

And so here I am, at the ever efficient Hong Kong International Airport, waiting to board my AirAsia flight to Bangkok. In mere hours I will be landing in the Land of Smiles. A few days of great food, relaxing massages, exciting parties and endless shopping awaits me.

And there are, of course, my friends. Flying in from Hong Kong, Australia, London, Singapore, Malaysia… it will be a gathering to remember.

For the next few days or so, this blog may, or may not, be updated frequently. As frequently as of recent weeks, at least. If I am not overdose of tom yum goong, died under the pressure of masseurs, choked in a crowd of overheated party reveler… I will post something.

But till then, be good, be nice, and be patient. This post will probably be updated properly when I return to Hong Kong.

The last time I was in Bangkok was in January 2006. It has been almost five years.

I can’t wait.