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The One With Simple Market & Good Cho’s – A Delightful Afternoon In Taipei

Simple Market came highly recommended by some of my friends when I asked for recommendations on things to do in Taipei. The market itself only open on Sunday, so the better half and I made sure we booked the afternoon to visit. There was very little information online… at least, for the non-Chinese literate like me. So imagined my surprised when I stepped out from the cab to realise that Simple Market is very near to Taipei 101!

Simple Market

The surprise was doubled after we took in the surrounding and soak in the buzzy atmosphere. Unlike night markets in Taiwan, Simple Market has a mix between crafts, food and fashion that immediately made you feel kinda hip to be amongst the youngsters, who seem to be the target crowd. Just check out these adorable merchandises.

Simple Market

The bustling market.

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The One With Da Shan Wu Jia – An Extraordinary Yilan Food Adventure Into The Mountainside of Taipei

I have been debating with myself if I should be writing additional blog posts on my recent trip to Taipei, since I have already blogged daily. While I risk the danger of repeating myself somewhat, I reckon some of my experiences were worth an entire blog post by themselves, lest I would forget about them. At the very least, they will come in handy for those seeking to experience the same joy.

Da Shan Wu Jia 大山無價

Waterlily chicken soup.

Da Shan Wu Jia (大山無價) was certainly one of those priceless experience worth spending the time to write about. Encouraged by fellow food blogger Peter, I made it a point to have dinner at this place, with only a passing warning that Da Shan Wu Jia will be “slightly out of the way“.

Well, that would be the understatement of the year. We took a cab from our hotel at Xinyi Road. Upon knowing our destination, the driver looked puzzled and asked, what could you be possibly looking for at such a remote place? In broken Mandarin I told him there is this restaurant highly recommended by a friend, and he in turn wanted to know if we were after some illegal stuff. Like, you know, some sort of endangered animals which we were not supposed to eat. Language failed me to defend myself, and in my slight panic I did wonder if Da Shan Wu Jia does serve such exotic – albeit illegal – morsels of cruelty?

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The One With Tales of Taipei, Part 5

The last day of your holiday is often the hardest. You would probably need to allocate enough time to get to the airport on time, leaving little time to plan for anything else. You could either spend the day packing up and checking out, or you could sacrifice some sleep and pack the night before, so that you could spend the precious few final hours to do just one last thing…

… which we did. To eat, what else!

Lu Sang

Lu Sang was actually the first food destination we visited the very day we arrived in Taipei, but like all typical local Taiwanese place, they are opened only at meal times, for a mere few hours.

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The One With Tales of Taipei, Part 4

I am at a loss of words on how to describe the day.

It has been a day of culture, food, relaxation and pain all rolled into one. The only common denominator in all these is that our dear friend, Sam volunteered to spent the day with us making some day trips out of the city centre. It was proven to be a learning experience for us and him, something which you couldn’t get out of any guidebook.

Taipei Guandu Temple

Our first stop of the day was the Guandu Temple, one of the oldest temple in Taiwan and overlooks the Danshui river. Although he has been living in Taiwan for years, Sam has never been to this particular temple and we were all equally astounded by the majestic rise of intricately carved spires, colourfully tiled roofs and tunnels which seem to glow. There was hardly any visitors around, just a handful of locals doing prayers. The atmosphere couldn’t have been more serene.

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The One With Tales of Taipei, Part 3

The next time I am going to do this, I will make damn sure to check also on opening times.

Hotel 73 Taipei

It was a day of missed timings. We woke up bright and early, had a hearty breakfast at the hotel and chirpily planned our day ahead. Oh yes, did we plan for it. Only when we were about to board the taxi that we realised, hey, that Su Ho Paper Museum is not opened on Sunday!

A quick redecision later, we found ourselves at the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan.

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The One With Tales of Taipei, Part 2

It was a day of extremes.

In my previous trips to Taipei, I discovered too little of the city’s culture and history. This time round I was eager to make amend.

Taipei Confucius Temple

An early head start to the day saw us at the famous Taipei Confucius Temple… or more accurately, a model of it. The impressive structure built towards the north of the city was, afterall, a replica of the real thing located at Shandong. While the temple carries a certain garish, pretentious vibe with its over-vivid colours and over-the-top displays, I took heart in the simplicity of Confucius’ teachings. Learning about the history of Chinese characters, the musical instruments used in rituals, and the lives of many of the disciples, it’s hard not to take a liking for the old man.

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The One With Tales of Taipei, Part 1

Taipei has been gloomy and wet from the moment we touched down, but in our state of involuntary sleep displacement, the dreariness escaped unnoticed. Which is probably a good thing. We were focused on food (that is to say, I was, and the better half had to go along), and to food places we went.

But first, a word about our hotel.

Hotel 73, Taipei

The better half choose Hotel 73, which is very reasonably priced for its city-center location, though the room is quite small. Hotel 73 is somewhat like a design hotel, with little touches of arts and attention to details evident from its lobby to the lift to the walkway to the room itself.

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The One With 33 Rooms – Japanese Private Kitchen in Taipei

What makes a private kitchen? I pondered over this question as I took in the scene that was 33 Rooms for an elaborate new year celebration dinner in Taipei recently.

Colours of Taiwan

If a private kitchen is defined by its interior design and ambiance, then 33 Rooms do seem to fit the bill. Housed in a nondescript shop lot in Ximending area, the authentically Japanese exterior (complete with a confusing sliding door and obligatory lanterns) give way to a cozy restaurant which has been in existence for more than thirty years.

Colours of Taiwan

The restaurant were sectioned into the way you would like to be seated; be it tatami, stools, benches, or private rooms. Each layout was characterised differently; our tatami seat were comfortable – i.e. never once I complained of backache sitting through the almost 3-hour meal – and appropriately decked with warm lighting, which made me hunker down contentedly to ponder over what food would be ahead of me.

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