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It was sometime afterwork. I was tired, lugging around my laptop and eager to go home. The train ride home was unusally bumpy and jerky. The guys were pretty enthusiastic. Reluctant to go home but not sure what to do.

Eventually decided to watch a movie at Bishan. And because of the timing that we had, Doom was the only choice. Ryan told me it is a movie based on an electronic game, somewhat like Resident Evil.

I know what is in store. I must be insane to have actually watch it!

Doom is a typical story of a corporate science project went wrong. An archealogical dig at an unknown civilisation site on Mars have revealed man with the 23rd chromosome – making them unnaturally powerful and fast. The scientists working on the project were on the brink of something something big when disaster strike. The head honcho called Earth for help.

Reinforcement was sent in the form of soldiers, headed by Sarge (played by The Rock) with a few key soldires, notably John Grimm, played by Karl Urban (of Lord of the Rings, the captain of Rohan horse riders). Somehow there is something spreading the (how predictable) underground research facility, making monsters out of some human and killing others.

Many scenes of zombies, dark metallic tunnels, gory scenes and pretty lady in white lab coat later, it was a face off between Sarge and John. How come? Well, I better not give away the story here – it was a pretty interesting twist in an otherwise cookie-cutter plot.

The movie effects was pretty alright, though I am not in a position to judge since I had my face covered with my fingers for half the movie. The plot was too predictable for someone with the balls to sit back and stare devil in the face like Ryan or Zor to actually enjoy the movie. The monsters (CGI, no doubt) were suspiciously similar to some other movies I have seen. Even the “undead” make up was oh-so-familiar.

The only saving grace was the remarkable portrayal of Karl Urban as John Grimm. I always thought Karl Urban has the emotion range of a teaspoon like in LOTR, but in this movie he plays a tormented elder brother with a terrible family history, a righteous soldier standing up against his superior for better judgement.

The movie also invoke my resentment towards military “chain of command”. It was all so…. irritating, when someone has to listen to orders just because he is of some big fuck of sorts above his soldiers etc. But that is for another post.

Overall, worth a shot if you are Doom game player and have nothing better to do with S$7.50 on a weekday night. Don’t bother on weekends though, or if you are a scaredy-cat like me.

The One Hundredth

It was not every day FRIENDS (the comedy) made me cry.

I was watching one of the episodes in FRIENDS Season 5, “The One Hundredth”, where Phoebe gave birth to her brother’s triplet. It was all round funny stuff with the famous gang of six goofing around in the hospital.

Until Frank Jr Jr, Leslie and Chandler (the girl) were placed in Phoebe’s lap.

She hold on to all three of her babies and looked at them. Look at them so tenderly… all motherly and emotional.

“They say giving birth is the hardest thing to do… They are wrong… I have so much fun with you guys….”

More talking to babies before she said this, to herself.

“If you are going to cry…”

And she looked at her three babies, knowing she has to give them up, and broke down.

The dreaded guitar music starts to play, and tears rolled down my cheeks as my heart constricted for Phoebe. Even after the episode ended, the mere thought of what she went through was enough to set be crying again.

Three things I will note to myself (and that’s the reason why I blogged this):

1) Mothers are the greatest in the world
2) I am too fanatical for FRIENDS for my own good
3) I am such a sensitive and emotional guy

The One Hundredth

Load of the Rings

Here’s the link to get the code/file

Lord of the Rings

Was cleaning my room recently and took these pictures. I wonder how much these babies going to worth now?

Legolas in The Two Towers

Legolas in The Return of the King

Fellowship of the Ring

Harry Potter

I almost got a semi-orgasm watching this.

I had always loved this book. The trailers shown are simply awesome – it was so grand, so action-packed… for the first time ever, I think the movie is going to be granders than the book.

Must. Check. It. Out.


Harry Potter

Goblet of Fire – Poster

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Star Wars – Translated

Found this hilarious post about the recent Star Wars movie. I guess it is in China (because the blogger paird RMB 7 for the movie – and RMB is ren min bi, right?). There were these English sub-title, so I guess the entire movie was dubbed in Chinese.

And oh boy, it was hilarious! I am not a fan of Star Wars, but even I new R2 won’t say fucking. Ryan is going to love this.

Star Wars - Translated

Check out the post here

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Call me a gu-niang, if you want, but I never fancy watching a thriller on my own.

A scary thriller, that is. The movie Identity was an old one. I thought it will make a good dinner movie (I cooked, by the way, and delicious was my dish of toumeow and two types of mushrooms… ok I got side tracked).

But soon when the murders begin, I decided to keep it for another time. When I am not watching on my own.

Hey, I am not sissy, ok! But it is really no point the show when half the time you have your eyes covered with pillow.



Synopsis: Caught in a savage rainstorm, ten travelers are forced to seek refuge at a strange desert motel. They soon realize they’ve found anything but shelter. There is a killer among them and, one by one, they are murdered. As the storm rages on and the dead begin to outnumber the living, one thing becomes clear: Each of them was drawn to the motel, not by accident or circumstance, but by forces beyond imagination, forces that promise anyone who survives a mind-bending and terrifying destiny…


Growing with Friends

When I started renting FRIENDS from sometime back, I have never imagine that I will be so glued to the TV series. Yeah, many of my friends were gushing about Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey all the time, but I just couldn’t under what all the fuss was about at that time.

Fast forward six months later, I was crying with happiness when Friends draw a close after 10 years running.

10 years. 10 freaking years. Can you imagine the size of commitment, creativity and fans support that go with that?

“This half-hour comedy started with six twenty-something friends who face life and love in New York.”

Yup… I was very inspired to have a bachelor pad on my own because of Friends. Look at them, and me. I am just about their age, striking in the city, and all we want are just the company of good friends and a cup or good coffee.

Alright, I won’t gush about Friends. But if you have not catch the show, do. If you want to borrow Season 9 and 10 on VCD, drop me a line.

And to those who did, I understand now. I am finally a Friend’s proud 10-seasons graduate.

Damn proud of it!

Here are some interesting sites on Friends. Anymore to recommend?

Site dedicated to Ross & Rachel
Comprehensive site on Friends
The “original” Friends site

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Much ado about Star Wars


It was after seeing/reading so much hype about the new sequel to Star Wars that I went to the cinema at Toa Payoh just (a mere 10 minutes away, hah!)

Few things I realized:

– Star Wars started as a movie, not a story book
– The first few movies were actually Part 4, 5 and 6
– Padme is not as pretty as I thought…
– Since I think Anankin Skywalker is very dashing
– And he made me think of Orlando as Legolas
– And I hate to think Anankin is much better an actor than Legolas

All in all, not a bad movie. At least I didn’t fall asleep half way! But to watch again, I must not! To save money, I must!

The force is indeed strong in me. Hummmmmm…..

The Incredibles

The Incredibles

I remember watching the movie at least twice in cinema last year. Been wanting to get its VCD/DVD and soundtrack for so long. Finally got hold of the VCD last week and watched it over the weekend.

It was simply superb. I was blown away for the third time.

The Incredibles tells the story of Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) as the superhero’s Superhero. As voiced by Nelson, Mr. Incredible, is very confident, on the verge of cocky. He uses his super strength and powers for good. He marries super, Elasticgirl (Holly Hunter). However, Mr. Incredible soon falls victim like his fellow “Supers” to the plight of our litigious society– the people they save are suing them. Instead of getting malpractice insurance (which would have been a different movie), the persecuted… and prosecuted Supers assume their secret identities in a covert government relocation program. They also promise never to use their powers again even for good.

We catch up 15 years later with Mr. Incredible, now just Bob Parr, insurance claim adjuster. He is suffering. His wife Helen, the former Elasticgirl, is busy getting settled in their new home with their kids, Violet (Sarah Vowell), Dash (Spencer Fox), and little Jack Jack. Violet and Dash have super powers, and Jack Jack is not yet toilet trained. Bob is totally frustrated by his job, and really the lie he is forced to live. Every week he and fellow Super, Lucius Best aka Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson), on their “bowling” night, listen to the police radio band so that they can save people in danger. Mild mannered life is killing Bob. He tells Helen regarding Dash’s 4th grade graduation, that they keep “creating new ways to celebrate mediocrity”.

One day Bob is contacted by the mysterious, Mirage (Elizabeth Pena), enlisting his super powers for an undisclosed benefactor. Bob, still super strong, no longer has the six pack abdominals. He proceeds to train and trim the waistline. He sees his suit designer, Edna ‘E’ Mode (Brad Bird), to fix his super suit. In a hilarious exchange, E enrolls Mr. Incredible in a new suit, sans cape. It is disclosed that the benefactor is villain, Syndrome (Jason Lee). Turns out that Mr. Incredible was the one responsible for Syndrome’s genesis when he invalidated the young Syndrome 15 years ago. Thus, we have the classic Superhero tale of conflict and revenge.

What also distinguishes “The Incredibles” along with the story about reclaiming greatness, is that it is about family. In a very touching scene when Mr. Incredible is about to do battle with the seemingly invincible Omnidroid, he admits to Helen “…I’m not strong enough…” Having super powers is great. Having the love of family is truly powerful. Mr. Incredible is bold, funny, and endearingly vulnerable. Helen is solid and folksy, projecting a quiet power.

The Incredibles” is amazing to look at, and also has something special and touching to say.

Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quotes:
– Helen: “Everyone’s special”
– Dash: “Which is another way saying that no one is”
– Bob: “..creating new ways to celebrate mediocrity!”

Get the DVD from Amazon!

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