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The One With A Luxembourg Experience


In the blink of the eye, my time in Luxembourg has come to past.

It has been a captivating two days in this city. Despite its tiny size and small population, Luxembourg packs a punch when it comes history, culture and arts. It was once the land of the Frenchs, and the Germans, and the Belgians. The mix of influences left its mark on the city, and the people of Luxembourg struggles to find its own identity.

Though desperate not to be involved in the various world wars, Luxembourg was dragged into some of the worst fights this region has experienced, and this was apparent from the multitude of fortresses, underground tunnels and military towers dotting the city. Amazing, bearing in mind that only 10% of what was once built to protect Luxembourg from invading army.

And yet… amongst these military structures, lie some natural beauty and rich culture that are almost untouched. The medieval castles, the many churches (some with almost unimaginable icons ever, a total Dan Brown moment), the languages… Luxembourg was determined to stand tall among other European giants.

And stand tall it it did. Luxembourg is the second richest country in the world, only after Qatar, and slightly ahead of Singapore. The country economy was first built on the steel industry, and now banking.

With such a diverse and complicated background, Luxembourg came out very much differentiated from many other European countries I have visited. Apart from its rich culture, there are many modern developments, most notably the EU quarter and the amazing Mudam Museum (one of the many, many museums here). Yet the people seem relaxed and enjoying life here, immersing them daily in good food, great wine (the vineyard we visited served one of the best champagnes I ever tasted) and arts-on-the-road.

I grew to love this city; Luxembourg is one of the few places I have visited which I want to live and work at. Apart from Santorini, Essaouria and Illulisat, this will be another place which I would love to visit again.

The One With Summer In Luxembourg City


Luxembourg is hot, hot, hot.

That is the only conclusion I can glean in the past 24 hours since I arrived in this city. Where was the pleasant European summer? The cab driver cheerfully told us the temperature was soaring right to 35 degrees.

It was boiling hot, and it doesn’t help that our “economic” hotel, Park Bellevue, did not come with airconditioning. Opening the windows at night to tempt in nonexistent breeze was a futile exercise; instead we attracted hordes of insects eager to share our bed.

The lack of sleep explains this grumpy update.

But Luxembourg more than make up what it lacks from the weather with its beauty. Everywhere I go, I see turreted castles, medieval buildings and steel towers. With summer in full force, the locals were out enjoying the sun, many nursing endless pints of beer at the Old Town while listening to park performances. I had way too much beer, but hey a man go to do what he got to do in face of such relentless heat, non?

We wandered around Old Town aimlessly, using the guidebook only to find Chiggeri, the fusion restaurant purportedly serving some of the best food in this city. We weren’t disappointed; the tasting menu was stellar, and the historical building it was housed in was fascinatingly decorated. It was like dining with modern royalty.

I still don’t understand why a summer in European is preferable to winter. From the chilly Greenland to boiling Luxembourg…. I know which one I like better in a heartbeat.