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The One With The Boathouse – Stanley Seaside Joint

This is not so much of a review, but more like an experience.

For weeks now I have been coped up at home on weekends, doing God-know-whats. Work, more work, some blogging, some pigging out, some drinking. It’s not life-threatening stuff, and I am not saying I am not enjoying it, but it has been more than a tad suffocating. There’s only so much Friends and McDonald’s ansd Webmail that a guy can take before he go totally bonkers and start dancing down the street with a kilt.

So before the lord of insanity claim ownership to my soul, I head out on a rainy weekend to Stanley. I think about the seaside pubs and joints and suddenly I just felt that I had to be there. So I went. Despite the meandering journey up and down a hill that took almost two hours no thanks to a broken down car, I was relieved to be at Stanley. The cold sea breeze, the plunging temperatures and the good companion were all I was looking for to unload some of these weariness that I seem to be carrying with me all the time.

The Boathouse Stanley

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The One With Rocksalt At Stanley

It was a moment of madness.

Imagine this – it was traffic peak hours on Hong Kong Island on a Friday night. The road was packed bumper-to-bumper with weekend traffic, full of rat racers rushing to dinner, spa, movie and what-have-you appointments all over the city. The frantic activities as observed from the upper deck of a double decker bus almost nauseated me.

Yes, that’s where I was, that humid night, on my way into Stanley, where I am to have my seafood dinner at Rocksalt. Oh, the things you would do when you give in to the temptations of Groupons! The trick of doing all these dining deals is to book at least two weeks in advance, even for some place like Stanley.

So was the an hour peak traffic journey into the never never land worth it?

Situated along the main Stanley promenade on the southside of Hong Kong, Rocksalt’s large floor-to-ceiling windows provide magnificent unobstructed views of Stanley Bay and a welcomed escape from the bustle of Stanley Market. As we were shown to our seats, I can’t help but marvel at the sense of calm that came over me despite the hustle and bustle of the growing dinner crowd that evening.

Dinner at Rocksalt Stanley

For this Groupon deal, a set dinner for two, the selection was kinda set so we settled right in with additional drinks (a pint of Erdinger for me, yum).

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The One With A Summer Sunday At Stanley

Sights of Stanley

A summer Sunday at Stanley. SSS. That’s kinda cool.

Things Stanley is good for:

1) An impromptu short day trip on HK Island when the concrete jungle is too much but you are not quite that ready for the wilderness

2) Entertaining friends who have made enough trips to HK that revolved only around places like Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay

3) Reminding yourself that, yes, life can be good even when your mind is filled with what-am-I-doings and what-could-have-beens

There are only that few life blues which calming sea breeze, a cold pint of beer and the company of an old friend couldn’t cure.

The One With The BBQ At Tai Tam Tuk Village

One of the many things I like about living in Hong Kong is the variety of activities you can engage it. Because of its sheer size (well, relatively speaking from where I used to live at) and geographical location, this country really has its all – from idyllic mountains to quaint seaside, from packed nightclubs to deserted beaches.

Don’t even get me started on the food; I can feel my waistline expanding as I type.

So putting one (place) and one (food) together, you have endless permutations on what you could do. And so my friends and I rolled the dice and did a barbeque dinner at the rural Tai Tam Tuk Village, located at Stanley one Friday night recently.

BBQ at Tai Tam Tuk Village

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