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The One With Clay Oven – Gigantic Lamb Tandoori

It was one of those dishes which have got to be seen to be believed in.

The lamb tandoori is a signature dish at The Clay Oven. It’s an Indian family-style roast whole lamb leg, a good dish for winter. A whopping 5-6 pounds of chilled lamb from New Zealand (good for a group of 5-6 person) were marinated with various ingredients and Indian spices in its chopped part – instead of whole lamb – so that the flavour really soak into the meat.

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The One With The Clay Oven – Indian Cuisine In Kennedy Town

The moment I walked into The Clay Oven, I knew I was in for a truly authentic Indian experience.

From the music, the wallpaper, the cutleries, the lighting, the menu downright to the table mat, everything was screaming Indian but in a very understated, laid-back, almost char chan teng way. The menu was extensive, and it was obvious The Clay Oven is popular amongst the locals and foreigners, many of whom seem to be very at home with the waitresses.

I was all ready to be spiced out for the night, so when the waitress served the starter without being prompted, I dug right in.

The Clay Oven

The masala popadam, without a doubt, was the best dish of the night. A large piece of crispy popadam topped up pizza-like with onions, chopped mint leaves, cherry tomatoes and cabbages. With a dash of lemon juice somewhere (I can’t tell, for the popadam remained crispy throughout the five minutes it spent on the table), it was a refreshing start to the dinner and got my appetite going.

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