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The One With Shake ‘Em Buns – Great Burgers, Deplorable Service

When one thinks of burgers, the usual suspects come to mind. Burger King and McDonald’s took the lead of my very short list; even though burgers served at the commonplace char chan teng is usually pretty decent, I was always intrigued by unfamiliar sounding burger joints. Perhaps I was hungry for a truly American experience.

Enter the Groupon experience for a more-than-half-price burger deals at Shake ‘Em Buns, located along Wellington Street at Central.

Shake 'Em Buns

Let me get started with the food, ‘coz that’s easily the best – and only good – thing about this place.

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The One With Riquiqui Dessert Bar

Riquiqui Dessert Bar

There are many reasons why you will overspent at Riquiqui (pronounced, means tiny in French).

For one, there is no price listed on the menu. You can just the set of three desserts, which starts with…. something, and then some main course you choose from the board, and then ending with… something.

That’s how bad I am with dessert.

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The One With A Revisit To Yung Kee Restaurant At Central

After a disastrous first attempt at Yung Kee some time back, I was understandably hesitant about visiting again. One can hardly make a full dinner out of century eggs and sliced gingers, delicious as they were.

But since it was late at night and it was a treat (thanks, Wayne), I went ahead and was in for a surprise.

Yung Kee Revisited

Knowing that the century eggs will be exceptional, I ordered an extra portion right away. It was heavenly as expected. I think I gorged on three of this beauty.

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The One With My First Visit To SEVVA at Central

It is of urban folklore that the best place to see and be seen amongst the elites of Hong Kong (you know, the bankers, models and socialists) is at this uber hip place called SEVVA, located at the 25th floor of Prince’s Building at Central.

As I am not a suit, you could understand my hesitation in visiting the place. I was afraid one drink at that place will stretch my already-burdened credit card to the limit.

And then one day, I got a brand new credit card. What’s a better way to officiate it than a drink (or three) at one of the hippest place in town?

Taste Bar Lounge

My initial fear was proven to be unfounded. It didn’t mattered that I was in shirt and jeans the night I dropped by. The maître hardly raised an eyebrow as he showed us to The Terrace, which overlooked the entire Hong Kong Island harbour and the Central financial district.

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The One With Tsui Wah Restaurant

Talk about the culture of char chan teng (or “char chaan teng”, commonly known as HK-style cafe) in Hong Kong, one cannot escape from talking about Tsui Wah. The name itself is synonym to the local food culture, so much so that it was often said a visit to Hong Kong would be incomplete if you never been to one of the many restaurants of Tsui Wah dotting the island.

Tsui Wah Restaurant @ Central

I have been to Tsui Wah countless times, for meals with local friends, with visiting friends, for dinners on my own, for supper after a hard night clubbing… it is definitely a place worthy of all occasions. Opened 24 hours a day at most branches, you can count on equal hits and misses at Tsui Wah.

So here’s my list of things you definitely should try.

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The One With Lan Fong Yuen (蘭芳園) At Central

Char chan teng is but a culture that is somewhat inherent to Hong Kong. Everywhere you go, if you are craving for a simple local meal, just look out for any cafe-like but Chinese-run eateries around you. The culture is so pervasive that you can hardly distinguish one from another. A good one, a bad one, and everything in between melt into one big dizzying array of food to choose from.

That is until you come across Lan Fong Yuen (蘭芳園) located at Central.

Lan Fong Yuen @ Central

It was late one Sunday afternoon when my friends called me up for a spot of afternoon tea. I have heard of Lan Fong Yuen mainly from my friends’ Foursquare check-ins. Since it was a mild autumnal afternoon, the day was perfect for me to take a stroll from my house to Gage Street where Lan Fong Yuen is located at.

Needless to say, I was late. So we ordered in a haste what the locals would typically order. You won’t go wrong with that rule of thumb!

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The One With Fat Angelo’s At Elgin Street, Central

Update: Fat Angelo’s at Elgin Street is now no longer in operation

Excellent Night Out at Fat Angelo

I am a creature of habit. My first impulse, when asked to choose for a dinner venue, would always be either Fat Angelo’s at Central, or New Star Hotpot in Mongkok. It doesn’t matter whether it is a gathering of friends or even dates. These places are tested-and-proven for me.

And because Fat Angelo’s are a mere HKD18 cab ride away from my place, I frequent them more than I care to admit.

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The One With Yung Kee Restaurant – Nothing More Than A Tourist Spot

Yung Kee Restaurant (鏞記酒家), Central

It was the famous restaurant.

Countless tourists and locals alike sang praises for their famed roast goose and century eggs. Yung Kee Restaurant featured so prominently on my many friends’ to-do lists that it was a wonder how I have never stepped into the place before.

So when my friend and I were brainstorming (over WhatsApps, no less) on a place to go for dinner during his last night in Hong Kong, the choice is obvious. Yung Kee it was.

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The One With Ngau Kee – A Hong Kong Institution

Everyone seems to have slept through the thunderstorm that ravaged Hong Kong yesterday. Me, I stagger-slept for less than three hours. So by the time I hit the gym the following evening, I was hungry and sleep deprived. That can only mean one thing to compensate oneself after such a long day.

Food. Preferably something so tasty I can’t stop myself from having a second helping. Probably third. My answer: Ngau Kee Food Cafe.

Oh yeah, to hell to my diet (at least for today).

Ngau Kee Food Cafe (牛記茶室)

This rather nondescript Cantonese restaurant is located near my gym, and on occasion when I do walk past, there is always a queue of people outside. I was very tempted to try, but since I can’t read a word of Chinese (word on the street is that the entire menu, unfortunately, is in Chinese), I was way too intimidated to step in.

Tonight, I ventured in with confidence… because I have a Chinese-literate friend with me. Heh!

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