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The One With Cova Hong Kong – Disappointing Valentine’s Lunch

On retrospect, I should have known better than to have walk into an available restaurant at peak hour on Valentine’s Day. We were out shopping for the day, and I had always wanted to dine at the posh looking Cova Restaurant at Pacific Place. The running theme was lobster, and I thought it would be an apt thing to splurge on for Valentine’s Day.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Cova Hong Kong

The lunch started off with some traditional and classic Italian antipasti from buffet table. Pretty standard stuff, and I particularly liked the cold squid and mozzarella cheese. However the buffet line was quite sad looking, with many of the platters of food nearing empty. Since it was lunch time, one would expect the buffet counter to be filled promptly, no?

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The One With Flint Grill & Bar – Chic Ambiance Meet Gorgeous Food

I am no stranger to invited tasting sessions. In a city like Hong Kong, where food is almost a religion and new restaurants seem to pop up every other day, even the most enthusiastic food blogger may find himself somewhat jaded, perhaps even skeptical of good food.

Which was why Flint Bar & Grill came as a breathe of refreshing air, stirring up the local dining scene.

Flint Grill & Bar

What caught my eyes right from the start wasn’t the food, nor the restaurant itself (more of those later). It was the resident star mixologist, a talented and charming dude by the name of Bryson Rivera. While waiting for everyone arrived we had the privilege of witnessing, upclose this award-winning bartender conjuring some of his most famous concoctions.

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The One With Summer Palace – Elegant Restaurant, Mediocre Fare

It has been months since my dinner experience at the Summer Palace at the Shangri-la. Back then the weather has just started to carry pleasant, wintery chill, when you’ll be excused to take the flamboyant quota up a notch with trendy jackets and stylish scarfs.

Not the horrible, horrible humid summer we are all experiencing right now, when the only piece of clothing you will want to wear is, well, nothing.

Early Christmas Dinner At Summer Palace

Back to Summer Palace. It was an early Christmas dinner, a celebration of sorts. Back then, I didn’t know this was a potential Michelin-starred restaurant. But I should have known. With it’s elegant banquet hall styled up with Chinese arts on gold embossed walls, it evokes in mind the splendid grandeur of Hong Kong’s Chinese heritage. Everything at Summer Palace is never understated, from its ornately carved wood panels to sparkling silverware and oriental teacups.

In fact, so much so that it indeed get awarded a Michelin star in 2012, a recognition indeed!

We ordered the set dinner for two, which serves some of the best highlights of the restaurant as recommended by many foodies. It took quite a while before the first dish was served, so we amused ourselves with our early Christmas presents :D

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The One With A Triple O Deluxe – Finger Licking Good

Before your imagination starts to run wild, a Triple O is not, you know, the sexual advantage a woman has over a man.

If you really want to me to explicit… to quote Ross on how a woman triumphs over a man: “Multiple orgasms!”

Alright, my point is, Triple O is nothing of the sexual connation sort. But rather, it is a little known burger chain located all over Hong Kong.

Roast Beef Deluxe Combo at Triple O, Pacific Place

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The One With The Surprising Chocolate Cake At Zelo Bar

Indulge me in this.

It was a quiet afternoon, and you were meeting someone new. Someone you do not know much about, and spoken to only once or twice before. You were meeting up because both of you are craving for companionship, and… to be perfectly honest, you were slightly more than intrigued by this new persona who was, at that moment, a blank canvass to you.

What is the socially acceptable (read: not making yourself to be a complete dork in the process) thing to do in such a situation?

Zelo Bar & Restaurant at Pacific Place Mall

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