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The One With The First Bird Flu Case In Hong Kong

And so bird flu has hit Hong Kong (hat tip to Daphne). In view of this public menace ahead I have put on my overimaginative hat and would propose the following health advisory:

Don’t travel to China. At all. That’ll eliminate 90% of the risks.

Don’t eat poultry. Heck, don’t eat meat at all. Be a vegan. I have yet to hear a fatal case from eating too much vegetables

Don’t have sex. Don’t make out. Stay away from everyone, preferably at a 3m radius. Bodily fluid of every variety might kill you. Condoms won’t help under these circumstances.

Don’t use public toilets. When in need, think happy thoughts. Or how disgusting public toilets can be.

Don’t eat out. Eat at home. Cook everything at high heat. Freeze all leftover. That’ll take care most of the bacteria.

Don’t go to work. Unfortunately that is not an option for most people. So if you have been thinking about going on your own on that business, now is the time.

Jokes aside, please stay healthy and be cautious at this dangerous time.

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The One With Elevators and Heights


One day I was in the elevator (It seems like a lot of my daily anecdotes start this way. Apparently I spent my entire life going up and down buildings. I know some folks do that as a hobby, but people, that’s really not the way you should live your life, even if you are clinically insane).

Where was I? Oh. One day I was in the elevator with a friend who is taller than me. We both looked at the sign above, which says we should not stab the buttons with sharp objects.

Guys being guys, the reference to “sharp objects” made us incapable of coherent thoughts as our (thinking) blood rushed involuntary to the only object on us which could do the (warned against) deed.

I jokingly said that that warning doesn’t apply to me, since the highest I could reach would probably be the second floor, or something.

My friend then looked at me pityingly and said, “Oh, that’s sad. I could at least reach a six.”

Parts of me felt very small that day.

The One With The Cow’s Opinion

The One With The Cow's Opinion

“It’s a like a moo point… a cow’s opinion. It doesn’t matter”

Have you felt like a cow recently? I certainly do.

The One With The Funny (Fake) Twitter @BPGlobalPR

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have probably heard about the oily disaster that engulfs the Gulf of Mexico. Everything is looking bleak at the moment; the people are angry, the environmentalists are up in arms, the government is desperate and the folks at BP (who runs the leaking well) are scurrying around like headless chicken.

But someone is taking a funny spin on the whole thing, which turns out the be a pretty good attempt. Enter the fwitter (stands for fake Twitter) @BPGlobalPR. In mere days this account garnered thousands of following.

It is not difficult to see why.

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The One With Babies And Servers

The One With Babies And Servers

I was talking about babies with my colleague Sophia, and what she wrote about a conversation she had got me burst out laughing. I can simply imagine how that conversation went:

Sophia’s Friend (SF): Now, isn’t a mother breastfeeding her baby an adorable thing…
Sophia (S): (Interrupts) Well, that’s just what I couldn’t understand…
SF: Couldn’t understand what?
S: Why can’t we just hook the babies up with a feed of milk?
SF: Hook up to what?
S: You know, a feed of milk. Regulated by timer, controlled by thermostats for optimal milk temperature… possibly protected with some sort of anti virus thingy…
SF: (Incredulous) Sophia, babies are not servers!

To put context to this joke, Sophia is an all round Internet expert. Hence.

Oh, we digital product folks are simply a unique breed. We really are.

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The One With The Things To Say During Sex

Are you the talkative type during, uh, intercourse? Or are you the type who feel the need to fill silence gaps with small talk during the more boring moment of sex? Presenting the incredible mind map of things to say when you ran out of inspiration (or when your blood is mostly flowing to somewhere else than your brain)

The One With The Things To Say During Sex

Click for larger image (you know you want to). Thanks to the ever resourceful @eisen.

The One With The Award In My Name

How in the world that I did not know about a film award given in my name?

The Golden Raspberry Awards, frequently called the Razzies, is an annual award ceremony held in Los Angeles to recognize the worst in film. I wouldn’t have come across this if not for the ever lovable Justin Jap. I was more interested in the hilarious acceptance speech made by Sandra Bullock as she accepted the Razzies for the “worst actress” in person before I realise, hey, they are giving me away.

And so, I was held in the hand of my favorite actress. The one in Miss Congeniality and The Proposal? Com’on, you couldn’t be more entertainment-idiot than me!

Now did someone say the Oscars are on? I am totally clueless.

The One With The Butterflies In Stomach

The One With The Butterflies in Stomach

XXX says:
hey baby

The Twilight Daysâ„¢ says:
*butterflies in stomach*

XXX says:
Errr… what does it mean?

The Twilight Daysâ„¢ says:
That’s the feeling you have when you see someone you like and that person smiled at you

XXX says:
LOL I thought u have a stomachache

The Twilight Daysâ„¢ says:
OMG that is funny!

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The One With FourSquare

The One With FourSquare

Could this could to Failbooking? Heh. Find me on FourSquare

The Secrets of Viral Videos: Take a Leaf Out of Bobby (Lady) Gaga’s Book

I was speechless, and then roared with laughed, finally applauded (alone) in front of my laptop. At this very moment, I think Bobby (Lady) Gaga is a pure marketing genius.

The idea behind this awesome video fulfill these simple viral marketing rules:
– It’s original (a Chinese New Year song sang to Poker Face!)
– It’s catchy (Lady Gaga! Poker Face!)
– It’s simple (simple background, no elaborate costume)
– It’s hilarious (I think the video is self explanatory)
– It’s worth spreading (how many of you shared this on your Facebook/Twitter after watching the video?)

Too often we tried too hard to make our idea viral. That one stroke of inspiration and lots of hard work (that’s some cool bit of video editing there) are all it takes.

I am looking forward to see the Gagas both on stage!

(Update: Here’s a translation of the Chinese lyrics. OMG, Bobby Gaga is a Malaysian!)

(via the ever fabulous Nathaniel Ho)