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The One With Zafran Hong Kong – Spanish Tapas Galore

The heat was searing, the kitchen crew frantic, with wait staff darting in and out serving a restaurant full of patrons. Every seats and tables in this beautifully created restaurant were occupied. As I watched the chef worked on tray after tray of endless Spanish tapas, I couldn’t help but feel the tension… and pride. Pride of getting the food done right, and to serve the customers well.

Where was I? I was seated at the bar counter facing right into the open kitchen at the hippest, newest Spanish restaurant in Hong Kong, Zafran. We nursed some rounds of Sangria as the kitchen churned out some choice tapas over some three hours, which was indeed time well spent. Especially on a Friday night.

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The One With 22 Ships – Pricey But Delicious Spanish Tapas

So I have heard much about 22 Ships, one of the many Spanish places opening up all over the cities. I quite liked how they named their restaurant. It’s no stroke of genius, but it certainly put a spin into telling my friends where to meet up for dinner. “Hey, meet me at 22 Ships at Ship Street.” How about, “Let’s drink up at Leighton 8 and 8 Leighton Road,” or “We do dim sum at The Tin Lok at Tin Lok Lane“.

Well, you get the drift.

22 Ships

Let’s put it this way – 22 Ships is no ship, size-wise.. The place is tiny, cramped and certainly look more like a bar than a restaurant. While the vibe is infectiously buzzy, the utter lack of privacy between diners – I could literally eat off my neighbour’s plate – made it not a destination of choice if you are after romantic dinners. There’s only so many “I love you”s you could utter across your paella without the people around you sniggering and rolling their eyes.

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The One With Boqueria – Spanish Tapas Galore

Hola amigos! The Spanish seem to have invaded the palette of Hong Kong with many Spanish joints opening up left right centre. Theories were abound about this curious phenomenon – was the Spanish economy that bad that talented chefs are leaving the country by the hordes? It’s good news to us foodies in Hong Kong, but all around bad tidings for the poor people of Spain. I mean, what are they gonna do for their paella, churros and aged ham?

Boqueria took centrestage in recent weeks at Lan Kwai Fong.

Boqueria Hong Kong

Named after their flagship restaurant in New York, the philosophy of Boqueria find their gastronomical vortex around simple food and good time. I am all for simple food – life is complicated enough as it is – but some time I do wish that simple food comes with simple prices.

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The One With Eclectic Spanish Private Kitchen – I Like It Stuffed

I will be the first to admit; I like my food stuffed.

It doesn’t matter if it is Chinese, Indian, Christmas, Chinese New Year, I do like things stuffed in things. Case in point; Thanksgiving turkey. Isn’t it wonderful to stuff the birds with all sort of goodies, and drench it with delicious gravy?

Eclectic Spanish Private Kitchen

Spanish Piquillo pepper stuffed with seafood.

So when I encountered this Spanish Piquillo pepper stuffed with seafood (boiled fish and crunchy shrimps), I was in heaven.

Eclectic Spanish Private Kitchen

Papada de cerdo al vino tinto.

The place – Eclectic, the new kid on the Spanish private kitchen block. Located in Sheung Wan, the place can be a challenge to find, but once you crossed the threshold, you will be transported to someone’s home.

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The One With Chocolateria de San Gines – Authentic Spanish Churros in Madrid

During my grand Europe tour in January last year, I had but one night and one day in Madrid. Back then I couldn’t wait to get out of Madrid; I was still reeling with the devastation of losing my iPhone to pickpocket the night before.

It was only after I have bought the earliest available train ticket to Barcelona that I decided, hey, I had a couple of hours to kill. So why not take in some local delicacies?

That was how I ended up at Chocolateria de San Gines.

Chocolateria San Gines

The location was not that reassuring. The cafe was located behind a church, still within a tourist zone (read: pickpocket heaven), so I wrapped my jacket tightly around myself and walked in.

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