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Food I Miss

Ayam Penyet Dinner @ Lucky Plaza

Lunch at Brewerkz with ex-colleagues from EnergySkills

Dinner at AMK Ave 5

Dinner at AMK Ave 5

My favourite sashimi at Beppu, Luk Yeung Galleria

Laksa by Cheryl!

Obviously, I am hungry.

The One With A World Of Beer

Beer, the bane of my expanding waistline.

If there is one vice that I am unable to give up, it would be beer. Which man can say no a tall pint of frothing, ice-cold beer? Regardless where I am as I travel the beer, I always, always look out for their local version of beer.

Why do I love beer so much, you say?

Beer is cooling. If you live where I am – first in Malaysia, then in Singapore, now in Hong Kong – you will appreciate just how much a glass of ice-cold beer can help bring down your temperature on a hot summer night… and in my case, that’s all year round! In fact, my mum swear by it to cure fever and the like. Yes, I know, my mum rocks :D

Beer gets you drunk faster than your other alcoholic drink, and it’s usually much less expensive. A pint of beer will cost you like, what, S$10 at happy hour? One glass of hour pour, on the hand, can make you S$15 poorer… and let’s not even touch the martinis. The ladies need a couple of those to achieve what one good pint of beer can do.

Beer is the center of celebration. Beer on tap, cans of beer submerged in a large chilled container, rows of beer bottles in the fridge. The sight of so much mouth watering beer lined up for your inspection and consumption will never fail to cheer up even the most tired soul.

Beer is easy. Easy to drink, that is. Crack open one, and you are good to go. It’s wayyyyy easier than having to mix a long island tea (that’s seven different alcohol in one glass), or a lychee martini (you know how tricky is to pierce one slippery lychee with a toothpick?). Unless you are a bartender, of course.

I am not ashamed to admit that, over the years, I grew to appreciate beer more and more despite my worry about my expanding beer belly. So in compensation, I run the extra miles in gym to keep my gut in check…

… simply because I just can’t give up beer. Can you?

Now for a visual journey through my years celebrated with beer (in no particular order):

Beer Fest @ Lan Kwai Fong

Recently taken. Beer Festival @ Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong. They sell beer by the yards.

Beer & Nachos at Brewerkz

My favorite hangout, Brewerkz. This was one of the dinner I had there. I believe the beer was “Moh Gwai”, translated as Monster. A monster it was!

Beer & snack...

Singha beer goes very well with deep friend snack, when you are in for a spot of sun tanning and see breezing by the beach in Phuket. My favorite holiday spot in the world!

Carlsberg Beer...

This is no ordinary Carlsberg. This is ice-cold beer served in frosted glass. Right now you can get this anywhere, but the concept was made famous by the good folks in Ipoh, Malaysia.

In a moment of madness...

In a moment of madness one Christmas season, I bought one carton of Chang Beer for no rhyme nor reasons. This lot was finished within two weeks!

Mythos Beer.. again

It’s strange how beer can even taste good during winter. This was Mythos beer of Greece. I was holidaying in Santorini, and sipped on this delicious glass of beer right next to a roaring wood fire. Heavenly.

Beer session with boss

Best way to bond with your boss after a long day of work? Over a pint of beer, of course. This was in a hotel lounge in Hong Kong, after a particularly trying day.

Beers are men's (and some women's) best friends!

Beer are men’s (and some women’s) best friends! Some of the best moments shared with my buddies were over bottles of beers like this.


I became a beer-holic at a young age. This group of absolutely fun people was my colleagues from my very first job. Pardon the unglam hair. I was young and naive and didn’t know better.

Night Out @ Wild Oats, Mount Emily

Beer is on the menu even at the classiest of places, like at the Wild Oats of Mount Emily.

Epes Pilsner

Who would have thought that a Muslim country like Turkey will have their own national beer? That Epes Pilsner, a delightfully smooth beer I discovered while I was in Istanbul.

I realised I don’t have photos of my all-time-favorite, Hoegarden! Oh well… a pint for you and me, soon?

Miss Clarity Cafe

It was such a humid night. My feet were aching from all the walking, but the girls seem not to notice my obvious discomfort. The shopping bags weighed heavy on my shoulder, but I soldiered on, wondering what was in store at the end of the hike.

And then we went into Miss Clarity Cafe.

Needless to say I was very smitten by the place. It was like my little chick lit book store cum cafe dream come true. Decorated in various shades of pink, green, orange – yes, the colour of highlighters – the place exude a charm like no others, cheering up my weary group of friends.

I did a search on Google for Miss Clarity Cafe, and imagine my surprise that many of Singapore foremost food bloggers are already talking about it.

Supposedly the food is good, and very reasonably priced too. I can’t tell since I only had a bottle of beer for my first visit.

Anyone wants to test out the place with me?

Ipoh Horfun

Image hosted by

Did you know I am from Ipoh? Before you ask me about Ipoh Horfun, see this.


Lee Tong Kee Ipoh Sar Hor Fun
278 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058827
Tel: (65) 6226 0417

Mega Slurp!

Sin Huat Eating House

My stomach grumbled, my heart ached and my mouth salivated looking at these pics:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Now read on.

From Chubby Hubby, adapted from 8Days:

“Sin Huat’s famous crab beehoon (for four) alone may set you back an eye-popping $72 and six steamed tiger prawns can cost something in the region of $42! Yet, you would hear nary a peep of complaint from their diners, which includes chop-socky goddess of action, Michelle Yeoh, who we understand makes it a point to tuck into the steamed fish here whenever she’s in town. Be warned, though. To dine here, one must firmly believe that ‘all good things come to those who wait’… and wait. Once the food arrives, though, all impatience will dissipate. The fresh steamed gong-gongs (mini-size conchs, $25 a kilo) come with an extraordinary chilli dip, its garlicky spiciness addictive to the last bit. The steamed prawns ($42), gargantuan by any standards, are tastebud-thrillers to the end. The pièce de résistance, the award-winning crab beehoon ($36, one crab), is equally stunning – both in size and flavour. The Godzillian crab bursts with roe and the flesh is firm, as it should be, though the beehoon is a tad too sweet for our liking. Still, we wouldn’t have seafood any other way. Michelle Yeoh is certainly on to a good thing….”

From Joone:

“We started off with the stir-fried vegetables, which still a radiant green, crunchy and dressed with garlic and a little soy based sauce. Following, we had the steamed squid, that was sweet and not rubbery (reminded me of the squid I had at Valentino), with a garlic sauce and its natural juices. Shortly after, the garoupa which was just swimming in one of the Danny’s tanks was served, and you can certainly taste the freshness of the fish. Steaming the whole fish on the bone sealed in all the sweet juices which were subtle and brought to life by the salty sauce it was served on. Finally, the piece de resistance, the moment I was dreaming about, the crab bee hoon. The plate arrived and so did the intoxicating smell of the dish, it smelt like the breath of the wok. The crab were a beautiful couple, one packed full of roe, and the other was a large male with pincers that when cracked opened could have been eaten like a crab lollipop”

Goodness. I need breakfast. And a meal at this Sin Huat. Who wants to go with me?!

Sin Huat Eating House
659-661 Geylang Road Lorong 35 Junction
Singapore 389589
Tel: 6744-9755

Makan Pages

So much to blog about today, but all I managed to do is to set up a new blog!


My attempt in food blogging. Heh… did a post on a Thai restaurant in Far East Plaza. Have a look and tell me if you like it!

On the hand, I did some retail therapy. Again

My Shopping Goodies

Might blog about it tomorrow, if I have time!

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Mushroom Chicken

Mushroom Chicken

Mushroom Chicken

– Approx. 500 gm of chicken breast meat. Sliced into chunks
– Half a pack of large mushrooms (about 7-8 pieces), sliced thin
– Seasoning: soya sauce, pepper, minced garlic, ikan bilis stock

– Marinate the meat with two teaspoon of soya sauce and pepper to taste
– Prepare other ingredient to let the seasoning really sink into meat
– Heat up some oil, bring to low flame
– Slowly fry the minced garlic till golden brown
– Toss in the meat and cook till the gravy gets all bubbly
– Toss in the sliced mushroom
Don’t add water. The mushroom contains moisture
– Stir the whole lot more, and add in one teaspoon of ikan bilis seasoning
– Let it stew for 5 minutes, and serve

This simple and delicious dish serves 2
– Meat: S$2.00 (cheap pack from NTUC la. Haha)
– Mushroom: Half pack, so S$0.90
– Seasoning: Negligible
TOTAL: S$2.90

Hmmm… I have been using way too much mushroom and ikan bilis stock in my cooking. Gotta change that! Hehe…

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Coffee Art

Drinking coffee in Thailand will never be the same again!

Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art Coffee Art

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Chicken & Spinach

Feeling sickish today, so took MC and rested at home. Decided to cook a simple meal for dinner. When I was unloading food from my fridge, I was dismayed to find my spinach was “frozen” and the most of the leaves are spoilt. Sigh. Never refrigerate your vege for too long. Always eat them fresh!

Chicken & Spinach

Chicken & Spinach

– 2 large pieces of chicken breast meat, sliced
– 1 pack of spinach, washed and cut
– 2 small cloves of garlic, minced
– 2 teaspoon of ikan bilis stock

– Heat some oil in the wok.
– Over medium fire, fry the minced garlic until its golden brown
– Turn up the flame, and toss in the sliced meat
– Stir fry for about 30 seconds, then put in the first spoon of seasoning
– When the meat turn slightly brownish, toss in the cut spinach
– Put in half a glass of water
– When the now-brownish gravy starts to boil, put in the 2nd spoon of seasoning
– Stir fried for a while more, and then serve hot

All ingredients can be bought from NTUC Fair Price. Serves one.
– Chicken breat meat, pre-packed: S$2.20
– Spinach: S$1.20
– Garlic and seasoning: negligible
Total Cost – S$3.40

A bit on the high side I know, but damn I was quite full!

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Meatballs with Celery and Baby Corn

As a bachelor who live on my own, I always try out simple, easy-to-cook and cool on the pocket dishes for lunch. I mean, simple as in it’s easy to cook even for the culinarily challenged guys. Cooked this dish for lunch today, thought of sharing it with the rest of my blog readers =)

Meatballs with Celery and Baby Corn

– 5 to 6 large sticks of celery. Skinned (if you prefer it softer) and cut into small pieces
– Half a pack of chicken meatball, about 7 to 8 pieces
– One pack of baby corn, sliced into half vertically, and then halved
– A pinch of minced garlic
– Two teaspoons of ikan bilis stock

– Heat up some oil in the frying pan, and then turn down the flame a bit
– Fry your garlic slowly until they are golden brown
– Throw in your meatballs, and turn up the flame. Cook until they are all, you know, cooked
– Throw in yoru sliced celery and baby corns at this stage
– Keep stirring them until the celery seems soften a bit
– Put in about half a cup of water and the ikan bilis stock
– Let the water boil. Keep stirring the whole lot
– Once the “gravy” is merrily bubbling, you can now scoop it up and serve

All the stuff can be bought at NTUC fair price. The portion can serve 2 mildly-hungry person, or one hungry me =)
– Celery: I used half a pack, so it’s about S$0.45
– Baby corn: Used the whole pack. S$0.60
– Meatball: It comes in pack, and I used half. S$0.60
– Garlic, oil and seasoning. Negligible
TOTAL: S$1.65 (not bad eh?)

Okay, do let me know if you tried this out, hehe…