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The One With Mu Dan Ting – Chinese Buffet & Dim Sum At Great Prices

“That price to eat all you can? Dim sum and Chinese dishes? Are you sure?

That was my first reaction when we reached Mu Dan Ting restaurant located at Pacific Centre at Tsim Sha Tsui. You would have the same reaction too when the price to eat all the dim sum and Chinese dishes you want is an affordable sum of $138.

Yes, that’s HKD. As in, like, S$20.

I can’t really tell you much about what I ordered. That’s because I didn’t. The entire menu was in Chinese.

Chinese Buffet @ Mu Dan Ting

But what I can tell you that, despite my initial skepticism of its quality (you get what you pay for, and all that theory), the food turned out to be surprisingly good.

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The One With Glorious Dim Sum At Dim Sum Square, Again

I said it before, and I will say it again. Dim Sum Square at Jervois Street, Sheung Wan probably serves the best affordable dim sum at this part of the island. Numerous visits and countless check-ins later (I am its Foursquare mayor), I am still in love of the place.

Despite the growing queue outside, the cramped space and the occasional rude customers, I will return again and again.

Here’s some food porn to get your wet.

Three balls of pleasure.

Lunch At Dim Sum Square, Sheung Wan

It’s the juicy inside which got me shivering in delight.

Lunch At Dim Sum Square, Sheung Wan

The kind of mushrooms and corns you would love to be infected with.

Lunch At Dim Sum Square, Sheung Wan

For those with fetish for oiliness.

Lunch At Dim Sum Square, Sheung Wan

The mayor is in the house.

Lunch At Dim Sum Square, Sheung Wan

The One With Dim Sum Square At Sheung Wan

It is common folklore among food bloggers that the best food are often found in ma-and-pop shops at little known alleyways. With the advance of social media, such gems are now easier to be discovered, thanks to snap-happy friends who upload and comment on every other thing under the sun.

That’s how I discovered Dim Sum Square, a small, probably family-run outlet located at 88 Jervois Street. There are a couple of reasons why I love this place:

1) It is very near to my home
2) The price is insanely cheap
3) The service is usually good, depends on the time of the day
4) I always, always manage to get seats, whether on my own or with friends

Dim Sum Square, Jervois Street

Most importantly, the menu is offered in both English and Chinese! That is very important for “banana” like me; yellow on the outside, white on the inside. Ordering dim sum has always been a challenge for me wherever I go in Hong Kong. At Dim Sum Square, getting my favorite dishes is a breeze; just check the box and pass it to the passing wait staff. They will first present you with the bill (that’s rather common here) and then the dishes will start to arrive.

Here are my favorites.

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