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The One With Caffè HABITŪ The Table – Perfect Dessert Galore

Where G.O.D once stood in Causeway Bay has now been replaced by the incredibly tacky and unbelievably bright Sasa Supreme. I don’t know about you, but I am about to have enough of new shops catering to mainlanders replacing iconic Hong Kong establishments.

Probably the only saving grace was that the gem hidden inside the building on the first floor, Caffè HABITŪ The Table remains in tact.

caffè HABITŪ the table

The entire restaurant was refurbished; now The Table spots some low lighting, chic-looking furniture and the same friendly service. Gone was its hip interior to match the GOD’s brand; luckily the new vibe wasn’t as tacky as the endless counters of cosmetic threatening to overwhelm you right outside its door.

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The One With The Sweet Dynasty – Victim of Property Prices

Desserts. Can I just say that after expensive watches, queuing up for iPhones and betting on mark six, dessert is one of the top hobbies of Hong Kong people? To be honest, I never understood the allure of queuing up hours on ends for a bowl of desserts. Nor is tucking into a small bowl of sweetness sitting on a stool that is too small, in a shop that is too cramped.

The Sweet Dynasty

Of course, there’s always exception to the norm, and The Sweet Dynasty is definitely one of it. Granted, the cliche deco that is supposed to inspire a sense of oriental grandness, complete with somewhat tacky waitress uniform, left much to be desired.

But the desserts, to the most extent, were top notch. I will be the first to admit that I am no expert when it comes to dessert – the sugar content is the main ingredient for man-boobs – but even I could tell that this place served some of the best desserts this part of Hong Kong (and I mean Tsim Sha Tsui).

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The One With Tea At Lobby Lounge, InterContinental Hotel – View To Pay For

I will be the first to admit that I am no expert when it comes to pastries and desserts. Some knowledge about cupcakes and how it differs from muffins would be the furthest my gastronomical knowledge in this area would go.

So please excuse me for the lack of names for the stuff you’ll see in this post, but then again you probably won’t need to know anyway.

Despite my best intention, I am still unsure about the differences between high tea and afternoon tea. I would stick to describing this as afternoon tea set to keep true to its menu. We were told that the Lobby Lounge at Hotel InterContinental was strictly walk in only, usually with a 30-min waiting time if you arrive anytime after the 2 p.m. when the afternoon tea started to be served.

Afternoon Tea at Lobby Lounge, Intercontinental Hotel

A word about the lounge. Despite the slightly warmer temperature, the lounge has a lovely ambiance. The waiters bustled around us without being overly intrusive, and the sweeping view of Hong Kong (Janice sums it up well with a footnote to her post) was the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of leisurely tea. I was particularly charmed by the live band, consisting of a cello, a violin, a piano and a flue, playing not classical but easy listening pop.

It was sublime.

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The One With Chocolateria de San Gines – Authentic Spanish Churros in Madrid

During my grand Europe tour in January last year, I had but one night and one day in Madrid. Back then I couldn’t wait to get out of Madrid; I was still reeling with the devastation of losing my iPhone to pickpocket the night before.

It was only after I have bought the earliest available train ticket to Barcelona that I decided, hey, I had a couple of hours to kill. So why not take in some local delicacies?

That was how I ended up at Chocolateria de San Gines.

Chocolateria San Gines

The location was not that reassuring. The cafe was located behind a church, still within a tourist zone (read: pickpocket heaven), so I wrapped my jacket tightly around myself and walked in.

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The One With Riquiqui Dessert Bar

Riquiqui Dessert Bar

There are many reasons why you will overspent at Riquiqui (pronounced, means tiny in French).

For one, there is no price listed on the menu. You can just the set of three desserts, which starts with…. something, and then some main course you choose from the board, and then ending with… something.

That’s how bad I am with dessert.

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The One With Espressamente Illy – Dessert On The Go

When in doubt, go for coffee. That’s my solution to the eternal problem of oh-I-still-want-to-eat-but-so-full-after-dinner.

So after our dinner, Ms. Khoo (otherwise affectionately known as The Gal Who Shop Too Much) dragged me to Espressamente Illy at K11, loudly proclaiming that they have the best dessert ever.

And who I am saying no to FREE dessert, right? ;)

Chocolate Brownie, HKD34

Dessert at Illy's (K11, Tsim Sha Tsui)

Her choice. Apparently it wasn’t heated enough to her preference, so she returned the brownie to the friendly barista for a reheat. I was pleasantly surprised that the brownie was heated to the point of melting but without getting it burnt. Nice job! It must have been heavenly as Ms. Khoo was rendered speechless for the first couple of mouthfuls. I didn’t try because I have my own sin to indulge in.

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The One With Chung Kee Dessert (松記糖水) At Causeway Bay

Dessert shops are a dime a dozen in Hong Kong. Even though I have been living here for more than a year, I never ventured to more than a handful all this time, because:
1) I am counting my calories; and
2) My favourite, Honeymoon Dessert is 5 mins from my place

Maybe it was the delicious dinner, or perhaps a pint too many beer after the birthday dinner, we decided on a whim to have some dessert before calling it a night. And we chanced upon a dessert shop which I passed by every morning on the way to work but never went in.

Chung Kee Dessert (松記糖水), Causeway Bay

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The One With Honeymoon Dessert – The Real Hong Kong Dessert

Honeymoon Dessert at Western Market, Sheung Wan

Hong Kong is a dessert heaven. Even if you do not have a sweet tooth, like yours truly, it is hard not to be impressed by the array of desserts available here. Honeymoon Dessert is arguably the most famous homegrown brand of a chain of dessert house.

With one outlet located right below my building at Western Market, who am I to say no to the lure of all the things sweet thing which is just the right indulgence to pamper myself after a long hard week?

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The One With The Surprising Chocolate Cake At Zelo Bar

Indulge me in this.

It was a quiet afternoon, and you were meeting someone new. Someone you do not know much about, and spoken to only once or twice before. You were meeting up because both of you are craving for companionship, and… to be perfectly honest, you were slightly more than intrigued by this new persona who was, at that moment, a blank canvass to you.

What is the socially acceptable (read: not making yourself to be a complete dork in the process) thing to do in such a situation?

Zelo Bar & Restaurant at Pacific Place Mall

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