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The One With 85 South – Great BBQ Served, Carolina Style in Hong Kong

They said one can find great food in very casual, laid-back restaurants, and not only at stuffy places. 85 South, newly opened just slightly over seven weeks ago at the rustic lane of Kau U Fong in Sheung Wan, is a testament to that.

85 South Barbeque

Finding the place wasn’t hard – 85 South is easily the brightest lit restaurant along that stretch of the road. The small restaurant has three large communal tables, where friends and strangers alike share space, naturally creating a sense of camaraderie and homely vibe that was evident from the rowdy crowd already gathered for a somewhat early dinner that night.

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The One With BBQ Day Out At Shek O Beach

Hello there! It has been ages since I last blogged. Did you miss me? I sure do miss blogging. I keep thinking that I have lost my blogging mojo… and how do you get it back? Why, just by starting to write again, of course.

I have been busy with life. So much has happened, and I scarcely had the time to blog about them. But everything can start somewhere, no? So let me start with a typical HK outing which I did just last Sunday – a barbeque (BBQ) day out at Shek O beach.

Summer Sunday At Shek O Beach

Despite the gloomy weather and less-than-encouraging weather forecast, my friends and I decided to try our luck and went ahead with our plans to have a BBQ day out at Shek O beach.

It was proven to be a great decision.

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The One With Chung Gye Chon – Delectable Korean BBQ

Did you know there is a Korean Street in Hong Kong? No? Neither did I, until earlier last week when my friends detoured from our usual haunts on Hong Island ventured to Kowloon for a spot of Korean BBQ.

Korean BBQ At Chung Gye Chon, Tsim Sha Tsui

The restaurant for the night was Chung Gye Chon, located at Kimberley Street at Tsim Sha Tsui. Various Korean eateries dot along this road, so you will be hard pressed for choice to dine out here. Ours was illuminated by a large orange sign so it will be hard to miss.

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The One With The BBQ At Tai Tam Tuk Village

One of the many things I like about living in Hong Kong is the variety of activities you can engage it. Because of its sheer size (well, relatively speaking from where I used to live at) and geographical location, this country really has its all – from idyllic mountains to quaint seaside, from packed nightclubs to deserted beaches.

Don’t even get me started on the food; I can feel my waistline expanding as I type.

So putting one (place) and one (food) together, you have endless permutations on what you could do. And so my friends and I rolled the dice and did a barbeque dinner at the rural Tai Tam Tuk Village, located at Stanley one Friday night recently.

BBQ at Tai Tam Tuk Village

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