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My Fitness Regime – An Update in June

It was a gruelling work out. My chest is my weakest area, and Crix changed the routine a bit. That, coupled with the 45 minutes of spinning I did, and the diet I am going through (coffee for breakfast, bean rice for lunch, fruits for dinner), I was totally shagged.

So when I was ambushed at the reception counter, they caught me totally unaware. I should have known – I was “warned” two weeks before, but alas my state of mind was totally blank.

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The Case of Similarity

I came across his portraits before, and it was like looking into a mirror.

Well, not quite. Because obviously he is a better, slimmer looking version of me. Whoever this guy is, I must thank him for giving me motivation to work out more.

Now I know how I would look like when I lose another 5 kg. LOL.

(Photos of him after the jump)

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My Fitness Regime – Yet Another Update

My fitness regime took a back seat recently, as I struggled with many things… my puppy (no longer with me), my love life (mess is over), and my work (things are getting much better!)

It was close to a month before I started to see my PT again. Even so, my schedule is pretty erractic. My diet has shot to hell. No, I didn’t really indulge myself, but I didn’t watch what I eat.

So I fully expected that my fitness will be hell. Did some sessions for the past two weeks or so. Last night, Crix was ending a particularly gruesome shoulder work out when I suddenly felt like checking my vitals again.

The results were totally unexpected. Here’s a run down on my results since earlier this year.

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Jeans Evolution

I own pairs of jeans sparingly.

I have an ancient pair from Giordano at size 36″, straight cut. Baggy and unflattering, but it was something that I have worn for like two years.

Last month, I bought another pair from Pull N Bear at size 34″, slim cut. It was fitting, fit snugly, and rather flattering. A vast improvement from my old pair, my friends said.

And today, I bought yet another pair, this time from Graphite, at size 32″, slim cut. It was tight, fitted to my “curves”, and it made me look tall.

I couldn’t be more proud. A size 32″, after all these years.

Now if I could just let my friends criticise my new look – with my new floral top from Litmus Blue.

My Fitness Regime – Update 2

My Fitness Regime - Update 2

Today I had my measurement officially taken by Crix, which is about a month since I started my fitness programme with him. For some reasons, I got my previous stats in my last update post wrong, so here are the actual ones:

As of 17th January 2008
Weight = 83.4 kg
Fat % = 30.7%
Fat Mass = 25.6 kg
Lean Mass = 42.3 kg

As of 19th February 2008
Weight = 81.1 kg (a reduction of 2.3 kg)
Fat % = 24.3% (a reduction of 6.4%)
Fat Mass = 19.7kg (a reduction of 5.9 kg)
Lean Mass = 44.9 kg (an increase of 2.6 kg)

I know… if you use your maths logic and try to tally the number… well, they don’t add up. I can’t figure it out, but since I am always using the same machine to measure these stats, I reckon they are some kind of benchmarks that I can use.

Some observations:

I didn’t lose as much weight as I thought. In fact when I saw the results, I was a bit disheartened. But Crix was quick to point out that although my effective weight loss is somewhat small, I must look at my fat loss, and muscle gain.

Because I have been doing cardio consistently for at least 45 minutes every time I am in gym (averaging at 3 times a week), completing at least 4 k.m., my fat loss is substantial. This is, of course, helped by the no-carb less-food diet regime that I am under, despite the occasional dinners and drinking sessions.

In fact, Crix is amazed by the amount of fat I lost. I am pretty happy about it myself :D

While I was doing cardio at my own time, I spent every single session with Crix (ten so far) doing weight training, working on my arms, legs, shoulders, back etc. over and over again. My abs crunches are getting easier now, and I realised my endurance for weights is getting stronger. That would explain my gain in lean mass (i.e. muscle).

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Personal Portrait by Fotocology


It’s finally here!

I took up a package with Dennis (who runs his own photography business called “Fotocology”) to capture the “before look” of me at the start of my fitness regime. The shot took place at his home-studio sometime end of January.

That was my first time doing a professional shoot, and as you can see from my photos I am really quite nervous. I really need to learn how to smile!

Nevertheless I am pleased with the results. I am still cringing on some of the photos which show my “before” look very obviously – rounded face, protuding chin – but then again this is what this shoot is about.

Will be shooting another round sometime in March, to capture the “after” or maybe “in progress”. I know, I have become such a vainpot!

Full set of photos here, and some selected photos after the jump. I like the one above the most!

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My Fitness Regime – An Update

It has been about two weeks since I started my fitness regime. Wow, honestly I thought it was longer than that.

Losing weight is something that I had always wanted to do. As the Fitness First saying goes… “Motivation is what get you started, habit is what get you there”

My motivation was somewhat “shallow”, because I wanted to be as stylish as (and matching to) a certain someone. But as I start to buy new clothes and realised how good it felt to be look good, I think it is only right to do this for myself.

Myself, and no one else. Like how my new year resolution goes… I want to make myself happier this year, and not because of others.

On the “habit” front, well… my workout schedule has been quite erratic. Mostly my fault for not being able to keep to my appointments, but I still managed to work out at least twice a week.

And my diet is going well. Strong coffee in the morning, fruits for lunch, light dinner in the evening. Hunger pangs start to attack again, especially when you have occasions like weddings and meals with friends, but I think I will be able to keep them at bay. Certainly, my diet has become a habit.

Did a little check up with Crix yesterday. To my surprise I have already lost some weight:

As of 17 Jan 2008:
My weight was 84.2 kg
My body fat was 31.7%

As of 2 Feb 2008:
My weight is 81.2 kg (improvement of 3 kg)
My body fat is 29.2% (improvement of 2.5%)

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My Fitness Regime – Again!

And so I have started my personal fitness regime again. My main objectives? To lose weight, and to feel healthier, and of course, to look better?

This post is intended to remind myself that, on this day, I am getting started again! Let’s do a benchmark:

As of 17 Jan 2008, my weight is 84.2 kg (I know! I don’t look like it!) and my waistline is 40″ (I know, I know, I don’t look like it!)

My target? In four months time, I want to be back to my ideal weight, which is 72 kg (for my height), and waistline of 32″.

Surprisingly, losing weight is pretty easy for me. It was keeping it at that level that I always fail at. As a proof… here’s yours truly on 14th Feb 2004, after a few months of weight loss regime:

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It’s all about packaging

It’s shallow. It’s artificial. But it’s real.

My new specs and new shirt can do wonder. Or so I hoped. Hahaha :D

Dennis & I

That’s Dennis and I at this exhibition last Saturday.

Fat-Slim-Me #4

Of Food
Breakfast: Peanut biscuit + 3-in-1 Coffee
Lunch: Rice with some weird vege + not-so-weird vege + black bean fish
Dinner: Ice lemon tea

Of Exercise
Threadmill: 2.4 km, 180 kcal in 21 minutes =)
Cycling: 20 minutes, 370 kcal
Weight: (I remember now!) Seated leg extension, arm curl, seated press bench and double arm *dunno-what*, 2 sets x 3 x 10 rep each

Of Statistics
Weight: 75 kg
Waist: 38″

Of Amusement
I need to get some fruits in my diet! My weak gum is giving me problems. Supposed to have fruits for dinner but ended up buying a ad-paper instead. Haha…