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The One With He Jiang – Best Sichuan Hotpot in Hong Kong

We meet up with Dillon and Jim on their way to Taipei. Two rounds of drinks at our beloved Pavilion sets the mood of the night right. I finally found the key to get Dillon blabbering all night long. Oh, it is so much fun!

He Jiang 01

Then we head to He Jiang Restaurant at Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong. It is certainly the right choice – the location is absolutely convenient and the service is impeccable, so different from the recent hotpot experience we had not days ago.

He Jiang 02

The daredevils in us opt for the fiery Sichuan hotpot, and it lives up to its name. The broth is certainly spicy, with a peppery level which might be unsuitable for some, but it delights us all the same.

The ingredients we choose, which include the hot pot set for $588 plus additional dishes such as taro, goose intestine and beef go right down a treat. Unlike the usual Sichuan-style hotpot, this doesn’t numb our lips, and that certainly lead to a disaster – we order endless rounds of food. Plus wine and beer.

Certainly a night to remember. And you know what they said about that ring of fire? A lesson learned, but it is indeed a “mistake” worth repeating!

The One With Soap Soap FUN – Put Some Fun Into Your Lather

It was slightly more than a year ago when I first wrote about Soap Soap FUN in my (kinda) regular column on Sassy Hong Kong.

Soap Soap Fun

Since then, the entreprising mommy of my friend Joyce has expanded from being a simple Facebook business to now having a actual physical shop, sharing her love for organic soap-making with classes for all levels. Happy to be there at their opening party, a gathering of friends and family members wishing this budding business well.

Go ahead, give it a lather!

The One With Santorini Greek Restaurant – Great Moussaka in Hong Kong

Great Greek dinner at a restaurant named after our favorite island! The food at Santorini Hong Kong was amazing, especially the moussaka (pictured below) with the light-as-air mozzarella top and intense minced meat. The chef is Greek and the place a great reminder of what we left behind at the end of that amazing summer holiday (of which I have yet to blog about!)

Santorini Moussaka

Now I wish I had taken more notes of my great dinner that night. Definitely worth a visit, even if you are new to Greek food. Check out their online gallery to see for yourself the beautiful restaurant.

The One With Christmas – Two Celebrations In A Row

Have you had a great Christmas? Mine was very, very memorable.

Christmas Eve was spent in the company of some dearest friends. Food galore! We had western, Indian and Japanese all on one table. Champagne was literally free flow. We had a good few hours of merriment before hitting the street to paint the town red. It has been a good few years since we had a gathering like this.


Second Christmas party, this time at my place. We hosted Ted’s friends for a night of eating, drinking and (yes) dancing. On hindsight I should have been a little light-handed in serving-tray-of-shots; we had rounds of whiskeys, vodkas and baileys. Not to mention champagne and wine. Food took second stage. And when Spice Girls hit the stereo, all hell broke loose.

I know I had it good when policemen came knocking. Now that’s what I call a good party!


(On a separate note, now I’m left with a house sparkling with glitter. Even the toilet. How did it get there?!?)

The One With Secret Ingredient – Armani | Aqua’s US Black Angus Steak

Those of you whom have been following my blog would know that I love Secret Ingredient. I tried a couple of their meals, and they always deliver to my expectations without fail.

But it has been months since my last Secret Ingredient meal, so for new year’s eve, I decided to splash it out for a premium range meal – Armani | Aqua’s US black angus steak with cabernet & salish salt seasoning, panzanella salad & sherry vinaigrette. Secret Ingredient partnered with Chef Andrea of Armani / Aqua for this particular dish.

Secret Ingredient - Aqua's US Black Angus steak with panzanella salad and sherry vinigrette _raw

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The One With Happy Twitterversary – @razlan79 Turned 7!

So on December 31, Twitter told me that I have officially turned seven!

In case you still have not done so, do follow me on Twitter – @razlan79. I tweet occassionally, usually shots of food and what not but sometimes I do tweet pretty neat stuff, like this one:

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    The One With The Phantom of the Opera – Hong Kong’s Best Winter Musical

    The last time I watched The Phantom of the Opera, I was seated at a balcony three stories up, viewing the stage sideway. By the end of the three hours show, I left the theatre (that was in Singapore, probably nine to ten years ago), my neck was cricked, I had a splitting headache and my impression of the show was, needless to say, far from good.

    POTO_Brad and Claire embrace 2

    Tonight, I sit seven rows from the stage. If I crane my neck a little, I can see the bassoonist polishing her instrument, the pianist flexing his fingers. When the show starts I see, vividly, how the chandelier rises to the ceiling, and the ballet dancers take the stage.

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    The One With Shopaholic to the Stars – A Novel by Sophie Kinsella

    (WARNING: Spoilers ahead)

    You know you are reading a masterpiece when a feeling of dread creeps up to you at the final pages.

    That’s how it was with Shopaholic to the Stars: A Novel by Sophie Kinsella and me. As I turn to the last page, my heart plummeted knowing that it will be months before I can follow Becky’s next adventure.

    Despite what I have heard about Sophie Kinsella’s latest book, I dived into its first chapter with an open mind. 100+ pages in, and I was hooked.

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    The One With Happy New Year – Of Drones, Fireworks & BBQs

    Sometimes the best plan is not to plan at all.

    My New Year’s Eve celebration started with a surprise cheese-and-wine at home, followed by a steak dinner. The night was still young so we joined our friends for a rooftop BBQ and a crazy countdown on a rooftop.

    When the clock hits midnight, we cheered amidst booms of fireworks going off at the harbour. Blocked by buildings we could only see glimpses of it, but here’s one courageous drone going into the fireworks!

    I couldn’t remember the last time I drank this much. It was so much fun, definitely worth the hangover I have on the first day of the new year.

    On another note… did I just agree to go to Songkran this year? It was too hazy a night of chicken wings, sweet potatoes and grilled fish!

    The One With My Departmental Offsite – And I Got The Best Presenter Award