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Scenic Singapore

With my new mini Olympus, I look at my surroundings with renewed eyes. Singapore is indeed a beautiful place. If you know how to look at it.

The amazing rotating water wheel near Marina Square

The Oriental Hotel
Facade of Oriental

Marina Square
Marina Square, Suntec City and Singapore Convention Centre

Marina Mandarin
The most amazing architectural interior design ever – Marina Mandarin

An unglamourous view of Esplanade

Serangoon North
Near my place. Serangoon North. But this is actually AMK Ave 3

Bachelor Chef

Sometimes I amazed at my own ability churning out great dishes using (somewhat dubious) cheap ingredients. I felt so bored of the food at the downstair’s kopitiam, so decided to churn out some nice ones from my own collection of canned/dried/frozen food.

Coooking Rice
I’m bad at cooking rice, but still…

Cooking omeletter… or trying to. Look, I don’t even know how to spell it

Black bean fish
Canned black bean fish. Look VERY oily, but damn, it taste damn good all crispy. Even the beans!

The end product… not bad eh?

Black bean fish
Less stunning, but more tasty

Simply dinner
Settling down for my simple dinner. Total cost < S$5. Who says I can't save money?!

Aldo and I

Few people in my life has come closer than this little cute brother of mine, Aldo. Affectionate, warm and understanding. That’s him on the bright side. Perfectionist the downside. Maybe it’s not that bad after all. Point is, he is leaving end of this month for his student exchange programme in New Zealand. To the land of LOTR! Goodness gonna miss this lil’ brother of mine.

Oh, don’t mind his red eyes. He is not crying. That’s some bloody eyes you are looking at. He just had lasik (his degree is bad, man!) and whoa, Aldo without without his nerdy spec is quite a looker!

Aldo and I
Aldo & I. Perhaps the final pic for many months to come

And I can do better with a few less kgs. As usual

*Roll eyes*

Stay-in CNY

This is how I spent the first day of Lunar New Year….

Liv Tyler
Losing myself once again in the land of Elves

Return of the King DVD
Still an amazing movie. Still made me cry *sob*

Lone Dinner
McDonalds for “reunion” dinner, anyone?

Been working hard on Christopher Lee’s site as well. Somehow doing this site is a breeze compared to the one I did for Taufik. And I have a strange urge to take up Daphne’s one as well!

I told you – I am domain-whore. Wahaha…


My workspace. Messy eh?

More of my workspace…

CNY Arsenal
Lonely CNY ahead. Shops will be closed. So I stock up for a stay-in holiday

(Almost) Virgin Shots

Before lunch

This is my lunch today. I am a very good boy. I eat meat, vegetable and egg everyday.

Before After lunch

I finish all my lunch. I am a very good boy, see.

Tea time

Then, mummy reward me with English Breakfast Tea. Yay!

My exam has ended…

My exam has ended...

I was supposed to look for a scene that expressed the jubilant feeling in me right now. But this looks alright too! Yup, just done with my last paper for this semester. Not that I have many, anyway. Just two. Suprisingly, I’m rather confident that I’ll do well. You can’t go very far from the right answer with Public Relations. Anyway, I’m on my way a pampering session. Two and a half hours worth. The last time, and the first, was some two years back, when I got my first paycheck! I debated and great length if I should go for this or a trip to Phuket, but since Tiger Airways rejected my booking, so…

The effect of blogging addiction

The effect of blogging addiction

Went on a shopping spree. Everything is Internet-related. Am I mad? You bet. Oh, the box of Ferrero Rocher doesn’t count. That was a gift from one of Taufik’s fans. So sweet of you, ZW. Thanks.

Another unintended effect – having your date dumping you. Sad? Yes. Upset? Yes. Worth it? Unsure. Would I have it any other way? No way.

Taufik CD

Taufik's CD

Illegal smuggling. Nah… Just packed envelopes of Taufik’s CD waiting to be shipped off. Taking orders through the website has been an absolute nightmare. Never will I do such huge task for free again. i mean, it’s all good for me to support the real talent and all that. But I have to draw the line somewhere.

Sight of the evening sun

Sight of the evening sun

It had been a long time since I last left office and the sun is still shining. Half the city is in dusk, the other half… Noon?

And it had been a long time since I had dinner with Thet. It seems weird now he no longer has a motorbike. I miss speeding down the expressway with him