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The One With Beautiful Bhutan – Of Buddha Dordenma, Trashi Chhoe Dzong, Kundeyling Baazam, Gho, Archery… and some fine Bhutanese cuisine

Our second day in Bhutan dawned on us bright and early… or at least, it was to me as I decided to dedicated an hour in the morning before our itinerary starts to blogging. A slight detour: I found that unless I really blog about my trip right after it happened – usually the morning after – I wouldn’t get to blog at all. I think it is a sign of age.

Beautiful Bhutan Day 1

Anyway, so we woke up and got ready for the day. Breakfast was at the hotel restaurant, which was simple and did the job. Perhaps you can tell from my tone that I was rather unenthusiastic about the hotel food. It is hard to be inspired with toast, hard boiled egg, cereal, sausage and the like. The coffee did revive us out of our post-slumber stupor, and we enjoyed our second cup of joe at the restaurant terrace. It was around 1 degree celcius, and it was so damn cold. I start to think I might not enjoy winter as much as I thought I did. Perhaps it’s another sign of aging?

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