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The One With Beautiful Bhutan – Of Thimpbu, Crafts, Chorten… and Hong Kong

I still couldn’t remember exactly how we decided to go to Bhutan for a year-end holiday. All I remembered was an incredible amount of frustration of trying to put together a trip to Japan and failing to do so, and a vague impression of watching a video of bridal shoot in Bhutan. One Whatsapp and many hours of researching, calling and planning later, we found ourselves onboard Drukair to head to Bhutan, the happiest place on earth!

Beautiful Bhutan Day 1

First we had to fly from Hong Kong to Bangkok, spend a night, before taking a flight to Paro, where the international airport of Bhutan is located at. Boarding Drukair reminds me of a simpler time, where there’s no fancy entertainment system (unless you count in-flight magazines), and food are still shrink-wrapped when presented to you. Mind you, I was in business class (not by choice) and already I found the flight, which took some four hours with a stop over at Calcutta (hey, I was briefly in India!), to be quite tiring.

Beautiful Bhutan Day 1

Am I spoiled already? Gosh.

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