The One With La Soiree – An Adult-Only, Unsuitable-For-Children Circus-Cabaret Show

The La Soiree is now playing at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts Lyric Theatre from now till this Sunday, September 20. I had the opportunity to catch this sexy, not-for-children show on its opening night, and boy, did the show get better with each passing minute!

La Soiree

The English Gents opened the show with a two-person act, and it got me gasping. I have never seen such ripped bodies in real life! And each of them – Denis Lock and Hamish McCann – had their individual solo act in the second half of the show, and these acts were reason enough for you to scramble to to get your tickets to La Soiree. Take my word for it. These guys are the real stars of the cabaret.

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Literally stolen the show – well, just behind The English Gents – was Amy G. She’s a comedienne, a dancer and a musician (of the natural body part kind) all rolled into one beautiful, feathered package.

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Branded as the cornerstone of the show, it is easy to see why David O’mer was a crowd favourite. A trained gymnast, he did his thing in a bath tub of water and low-slung jeans. I bet there wasn’t a single dry seat in the theater after he is done.

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I gotta admit, Captain Frodo was quite uncomfortable to watch. I am squirmy with unnatural bending of body parts at the best of time, but if pushing the entire body through a too small a tennis racket is your kind of thing, you might just be enthralled. And yes, he can.

There are a few other acts in the show too, but why not judge for yourself and see if you like them? End your September on a sexy, sultry note with La Soiree. Get your tickets to La Soiree at

Note: I was at the opening night by invitation.

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