The One With Still Alice – Winning Performance By Julianne Moore

Full disclosure: I’m a HUGE fan of Julianne Moore, one of the most fearless and versatile actresses around. Her most accomplished roles were those with characters who were not “perfect”, or even likable. Moore has the ability to humanise them, making them more relatable.

Still Alice

In Still Alice – a simple but effective film – Moore gave her all to portray a linguistics professor who was diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Instead of overplaying the effects of the debilitating disease, Moore chose a more subtle approach where her transformation was felt rather than seen, and hysterics were kept to a minimum.

Still Alice

While her personal struggles in coping with the disease took centerstage, it was given another dimension through her relationship with her family (supporting cast includes Alec Baldwin and Kristen Stewart). I liked that the screenplay didn’t flinch from the difficult realities that they face (the hereditary nature of familial Alzheimer’s Disease, career choices, care giving decisions, etc.)

Still Alice

Oscar glory has eluded Moore for far too long (not even Best Supporting Actress!), and I truly hope she will finally take the trophy home this year.

Razlan’s Note: Since the time of this review, Julianne Moore went on to win the Oscars for Best Actress In A Leading Role 2015.

WATCH: Still Alice – Official Trailer (2015)

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