The One With Ichiran Ramen – Going Gaga Over Japanese Noodles

It has been more than a year since I last blogged about Ichiran Ramen. Back then, I was mocking those people whom spend hours queuing for a bowl of Japanese noodles.

Oh, how my tune has changed. Now I am one of those people who wouldn’t mind spending an hour in line just to be seated in one of those cramped booths for a speedy bowl of those – in my honest opinion – pure heaven.

Food aside, the whole experience itself is already very captivating. First, you are presented with this simple checklist so that you can customise you own Ichiran ramen experience:

Ichiran Ramen Hong Kong

There are many things you can specify about your ramen – from flavour strength, richness, amount of garlic, level of spiciness to noodle texture. There’s also a few ingredients you can top of your Ichiran Ramen with (not unlike street cart noodles), like green onion, slice pork, mushrooms and dried seaweed.

While you are perusing your checklist, soak in that Japanese feel of the room you are in, crammed with other fellow Ichiran ramen enthusiasts.

Ichiran Ramen Hong Kong

You would be right to say that it doesn’t look very comfortable, and that the restaurant looks like a factory. Yet that is the whole Ichiran Ramen concept. The whole experience is meant to be efficient, courteous and decidedly Japanese. It was also because of this I decided that Japan is a viable holiday destination afterall.

And then for you ramen-crazed (or carbs fans) out there, behold the concept of kae-dama:

Ichiran Ramen Hong Kong

Apparently a culture of Hakata, it meant that you order a second helping of Ichiran ramen noodle halfway through your meal. I am not sure about you, but usually just one bowl of ramen is good enough for me. That one time I threw caution to the wind and went kae-dama resulted in a sleepless night with a bloated stomach.

Of course, in the end, you have the main fare itself:

Ichiran Ramen Hong Kong

After my first try of Ichiran ramen, I got it. I get why people when gaga over this ramen. The richness of the broth, the firm, springy texture of the noodle, plus the delicious ingredients. It was really something to behold.

And you know what the best thing is?

Ichiran Ramen Hong Kong

This hard boiled egg. They are served cold, and the yolk for some reason is still runny. Hence down, the most delicious hard boiled egg I have ever tasted.

I don’t remember why it took me so long to write a review about Ichiran Ramen despite having visited the place for so many times in the past year. But hey, at least I got around to do it!

EAT: Ichiran Ramen | Lockhart House Block B, 440-446 Jaffe Road | 2152 4040

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