The One With Chinese New Year – And The Week That Went Awry

Hello there! Did you miss me? I have made a new year resolution that I will blog every day this year (let’s see how that might pan out), but I missed last week after a long blog post on Singapore Mega Sale. Truth to be told, I was being put off by the long weekend that was Chinese New Year, and then a sudden bout of food poisoning (it’s a long story), and so my blogging resolution took a hit for about a week.

But hey, I am now I am back!

Let’s talk about the Chinese New Year. It occurred to me that this year, I didn’t do or have many things often associated with the celebration. No CNY cookies. No lou hei. No poon choi. I had a good few gatherings with friends, but apart from the visit to the flower market (which is another story in itself), the past long weekend didn’t feel very CNY-y.

And on the second day of CNY, I craved for… McDonald’s pancakes. Maybe I’m really not a CNY person.

McDonald's Hotcakes

And then there was my CNY gathering at home with my better half’s friends. Now that was quite a riot!

We are ready for our first #CNY party! #lifeisgood

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A night of simple hotpot with too much food and of games with too much money changing hands. Ooops, I said too much!

CNY Gathering

I guess there wasn’t too many points I want to make with this post, apart from the fact that I had quite a nice CNY break, except for that bout of sickness which really put a dampener to the entire of last week.

But hey look, I am back! ;)

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