The One With The Good Lie – The Feel-Good Movie That Couldn’t

The “good lie” was right there on the movie poster. Reese Witherspoon’s involvement was at best a glorified cameo, but I guess one can’t fault Warner Bros. for using her star power to draw audiences into the theatre.

The Good Lie

The bigger problem was with the film itself. I do not doubt the filmmaker’s (Director Philippe Falardeau and writer Margaret Nagle) sincerity in shedding light on the plight of Sudanese refugees (often refered to as the “Lost Boys of Sudan”), who fled civil war (1983-2005) and was allowed to enter America through a special immigration program.

The Good Lie

Unfortunately, the film, especially the second half, was just a hollow shell filled with two-dimensional characters and clich├ęd plotlines.

The Good Lie

The first hour fared a little better, as we followed a family walking thousands of kilometres towards a Kenyan refugee camp. Unfortunately, the urgency fizzled out and we were left with a feel-good story that never rose above the predictable.

The Good Lie

(Photos courtesy of The Good Lie Facebook page)

Note: This movie was not screened in Hong Kong.

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