The One With Secret Ingredient – Valentine’s Day Menu

So last Saturday was Valentine’s Day. How did you celebrate the day of love and romance?

If you are anything like me, you’ll think twice about the whole notion of Valentine’s Day. Roses and chocolates everywhere, with V-day packages offered by your favourite restaurants to your neighborhood pharmacies (trust me, I have seen them). Your relationship with your significant other should be celebrated everyday, and not just on Valentine’s Day.

I sounded old. But it is indeed a day to remind ourselves of the relationship we are in, and to cherish the memories you shared together. And so I celebrated it in one of the best ways I enjoy life.


Secret Ingredient - Valentine's Day Dinner

The love weapon of choice was Secret Ingredient’s Valentine’s day menu. Pre-order started two weeks before the V-day, and so expectations were high. I placed mine straight away.

Secret Ingredient - Valentine's Day Dinner

How the whole thing should have looked like, from Secret Ingredient’s website. Yes, it came with a salad plus two decadent chocolate lava cakes. And no, champagne not included.

The lobster and squid ink tagliatelle with pumpkin and pine nut salad sounded really good, but in real execution it just fell short. If you follow this blog religiously, you’ll know I am a fan of Secret Ingredient. Perhaps it was the way we cook, or the time spent.

But the whole thing didn’t turn out as well as we expected. But that did not stop us from enjoying the dinner though. Every thing were wiped clean from the plate!

#valentines is just another reason to pig out at home with @secretingredienthk #lifeisgood

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And this is how the whole thing turned out in reality. Not too shabby eh?

It reminds me that a beautiful relationship can be made of good and bad moments. Though the food was found lacking, the thought behind it was not. It was prepared with love.

Happy belated Valentine’s Day, everyone :)

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