The One With Linguini Fini – Possibly The Best Place For Pasta in SOHO

I wrote a while back about the new location for Linguini Fini, with its herb garden, eco-friendly business practices and wine honor system. The whole concept was pretty inviting, and so I found myself being at the new restaurant to try out some of the old favorites and new offerings on the menu.

Young Masters Ale

The dinner started off to an unexpected surprise. Just when you thought you have tried everything, come along a new beer to surprise you. The Young Master Ale is a local brew originally from Ap Lei Chau. The classic ale is light and hoppy, perfect for those who like their beer less heavy.

Linguini Fini

This plate of fried calamari (with pieces of zucchini and chilies thrown in) arrived at our table smelling fragrant and spiced up. The ‘nduja laced marinara sauce is delicious with a fiery bite that is hard not to like. And that thin layer of crispy batter? Light as air. The fried vegs tasted just like potato chips, though the chilies are a little salty. Otherwise it’s perfect.

Linguini Fini

It’s hard not to gasp when this monster of a pizza – 18 inches in diameter, New York style – arrived at our table. I’ll start with what I dislike; the crust is a little soggy and lack of that crispness I favor in pizzas. And that’s the end of my dislike list. The toppings of The Bronx – porchetta, pepperoni, meatballs – are amazing in ways of their own, and so I picked them off bit by bit. In case you are not a glutton as I am, go for lunch time when the pizzas are served by the slice. Also I was told delivery service is in the works.

Linguini Fini

They say the proof of a great Italian restaurant is in their pasta, and Linguini Fini aced theirs. I have never tasted a carbonara this light. The baked macheroni is lightly coated with fragrant egg yolk, which explains it’s savoury despite its look. Bits of sweet sea urchin are a nice touch. And the bits of homemade lardo was heavenly!

Linguini Fini

The layer of slightly crispy kale at the bottom of the black cod is somewhat the highlight of the dish. The fish is so soft that you can scoop it up with a spoon! The combination of garlic butter and anchovies can be a little overwhelming.

Apple Pie

Apple crumble served pie-like, with a crunchy crust and chunky slices of apple. Would prefer mine with more cinnamon taste. The decadent scoop of ice cream made up for it though.

Linguini Fini

On a whole I really like Linguini Fini. They are the living proof that you do not need to use expensive imported ingredients to make food taste incredibly good. Also, instead of gimmicks (like putting some organic stuff onto their menu and say they are an eco-friendly restaurant) the restaurant actually practises what it preaches. The filtered alkaline water, the paper-based packaging and compost heap for the garden made me feel good to support such an establishment.

Linguini Fini

I will be back.

EAT: Linguini Fini | 49 Elgin Street, Central, Hong Kong | | +852 2387 6338

Note: This was an invited tasted session.

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